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Stanford Graduate School of Business Launches New Online Courses for Executives

Are you ready to bring the Stanford Mindset to your business?
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   28-10-2020

Stanford Graduate School of Business
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Ranked 3rd on Financial Times’ list of MBA Schools in 2020, the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), has launched on-demand online courses for professionals and leaders in the business community. These courses on  Executive Education are designed with the aim of helping learners develop the Stanford Mindset.

This portfolio of courses has been designed by the Ivy League university’s world-renowned faculty. They include:

  • Discover the Paths of Power: This course teaches the social science of influence and power skills which are crucial determinants of how much you can achieve in your professional life. It also teaches participants how to navigate the power and politics which are unavoidable elements of professional and business life.
  • Disrupt Your Business: This course will focus not only on the meaning, evolution and impact of disruption but also teach participants how to distinguish between disruption and an incremental change or a fad. Additionally, the course will help participants learn how to protect themselves and their companies from industry disruptions while driving innovation.
  • Leverage Diversity and Inclusion for Organisational Excellence: Participants will learn how to create an inclusive workplace where employess believe that their inputs are valued. The course will impact research-based and practical knowledge on how to increase the talent pool, encourage diverse perspectives, and drive performance.
  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills: Communication is key to compelling leadership. Participants on the course will learn effective communication practices that elevate their impact in a workplace setting.

    Each of these courses will offer access to research-based content on the topics relevant to participants’ business challenges and context.  

    This latest offering from Stanford is one of the several new or redesigned offerings under the head of Executive Education. For the first time this summer, the school launched the Stanford Business Leadership Series, which is an online subscription that includes exclusive access to live content taught by over 30 Stanford GSB faculty members. The second series launched earlier in October, offered new modules including: Leading in the COVID-19 Era: Newest Lessons Learned, Leading Diversity and Inclusion, Leading Strategy from Development to Execution, Leading Transformation: 5 Megatrends Every Leader Needs to Know, andLeading with Purpose.

Sarah Soule, The Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Stanford Graduate School of Business said, “Each of the courses on Stanford Graduate School of Business On-demand Courses portfolio on Executive Education provides an engaging and flexible learning experience for highly motivated and engaged professionals and leaders. It enables them to embody a growth mindset and seek to develop and advance themselves, their teams, and their organizations.”

Learners can select and register for the on-demand course that speaks to their learning goals. The course requires a total commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week, inclusive of content, coursework, and activities, participants. Participants will have 60 days to complete the course. They will receive personalised written feedback on select assignments to support their understanding and application.

After the successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion that they can post on their LinkedIn profile pages, and download for their records.



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