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NDSU Football Huddle Photo by Deepak Dawar 

American football is a religion at North Dakota State University, just as cricket is in India. The official university stadium is called Fargodome – ‘Fargo’ for the city, and the ‘Dome’ part is obvious. The football team there are known as the ‘BISON’, named after the state animal. Any game at FargoDome attracts huge crowds of university students as well as locals, and they join in to cheer on their team, who wear Green and Yellow colours. Everybody cheers "GOOOOO BISON!" really loudly. This team is the current national American football Division 1 champion (2011) and they are defending their title this year (they have reached the quarter-finals of the championship).

Deepak Dawar is studying toward his MS in Computer Science at North Dakota State University, in Fargo, North Dakota (U.S.). He maintains that one of the best things about the university is that students can travel on all the city buses there for free!



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