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Quality education, student support and post study-work are key motivators for international students

IDP Education’s ‘Emerging Futures’ research surveyed more than 10,000 prospective international students.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   25-03-2022

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Canada has emerged as the top choice for students keen on further studies abroad. US comes next as the top choice for 1 in 5 students. Next on the list are Australia and the UK. The research presents a detailed picture of student intentions which international education providers would do well to consider.

According to the survey, the top three drivers for international student interest are – high quality of education, employment opportunities after graduation, and support for international students. 63% of the respondents said it was the quality of education, and 52% said it was the return on investment which was a major deciding factor for them. Given the havoc wreaked by the pandemic over the last couple of years, these assurances have become key to engaging international students.

Simon Emmett, CEO of IDP Connect said, “The results of this comprehensive research are clear, for competing destinations to remain competitive they must deliver a positive experience and positive outcomes for students, whilst improving the ways in which they communicate this with future students.” He added that gaining a return on investment remains a key motivator for students as well.

The research also points to how recent policy changes in Australia have contributed to the country’s loss of its international education market share.

Andrew Barkla, Chief Executive of IDP told the media, “Students have grown tired of waiting to return. Now Australia must reinforce a collective message around the world that it is open and welcoming students. Australia also needs to demonstrate that there are practical routes to post-graduate employment, and that international students form a valued and vital part of our communities.”

In spite of the recent impact on its international student population, Australia is still seen as a quality higher education destination. In terms of student perception, it ranked next only to the UK with students saying they would choose these countries for the quality of their education.

While 19% of all respondents said they would seek permanent residency in their study destination, this rose to 30% among those choosing Canada.

Canada’s student residency pathway is seen as a key pillar for the country’s immigration targets. The Trudeau administration prioritizes newcomers as the heart of its build back better strategy. 40,000 international graduates have been welcomed to stay in the country after graduation.

However, the study suggests that international students are not simply flocking to Canada in order to earn a Permanent Residency. Quality of education, and career development were higher priorities for the respondents who expressed an interest in Canada, and migration was ranked much lower (The Pie News).



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