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Here are your 4 top student cities in 2022

This list is based on the QS Best Student Cities ranking.
BY BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer |   11-03-2022

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Tokyo - Image by Yuri Yuhara from Pexels

The city you choose to be your home away from home will play a major role in your university experience. Do you want to live in a bit and bustling metropolitan or a cozy college town?

As you factor in the city aspect of your student life, we bring you the top 4 choices based on the QS University city rankings. These rankings are based on a wide range of indicators grouped in five categories. The factors include affordability, desirability, and the opinions of current students.

This list is a great starting point for your research as you zero in on your choice of destination.

  1. London: Once again, London is at the top of this list. Home to several world-class institutions, the city is an academic and cultural hotspot. Not only does it have the greatest number of universities of any city in the UK, it also has the largest international community.

    The city is second to none in culture since it’s home to a few of the best museums, which you can have easy access to as an international student.

    Then there’s the buzzing nightlife, theatres, and history.

    Never a moment to be bored!

  2. Munich: The third-largest German city offers international students a wide range of living options. Although, it is not the cheapest, Munich’s living standards are seventh on the desirability index.

    The city also has a great international mix of students who stay on for degrees and exchange programs.

    Munich also features in the top 15 for employer activity since it is a business hub hosting companies such as Deloitte, BMW, Allianz, and PWC among others.

  3. Seoul: Tying at the third spot with Tokyo, Seoul is fast emerging as one of the best student cities globally. As a hub for innovation, with over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, and huge financial and electronic markets, Seoul is well-placed to offer students post-study work opportunities.

    In terms of culture, K-Pop and other megatrends have emerged from South Korea to take the world by storm. So, in terms of entertainment fashion, food and culture – international students have plenty to choose from and enjoy.

  4. Tokyo: If a bustling metropolitan is your choice – Tokyo is an incredible option. Although, one of the world’s most densely populated cities, it does not have a large student population so you can immerse yourself in local culture rather than living in a college bubble.

    In Tokyo, you will also get the opportunity to savour delicious cuisines, while living in one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities. Whether it’s temples or parks, movies or events, you will always find plenty to do.

    Tokyo also ranks first for employer activity thus ensuring you have a plethora of opportunities to look forward to once you graduate.



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