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Study in Denmark: Freddy Svane, Danish Ambassador to India

Want to study in Denmark but afraid youíll face language barriers? English is a fully working language throughout the country, says Danish Ambassador to India, Freddy Svane. He had a chat with in New Delhi, in which he revealed some interesting titbits for anyone wanting to study in Denmark.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   01-05-2013

Is English language a barrier for students wanting to come to study in Denmark?

Since we are a very small population, we are only 5.5 million inhabitants (that’s a drop in the ocean – in the Indian Ocean that’s just a very tiny drop) we are set to be very good at speaking English. So many of our learning institutions – teaching institutions, schools, vocational training institutes, universities, they are offering a lot of seminars and courses in English – not just with Danish teachers, but teachers from all over the world. So, when it comes to the language, then there is absolutely no obstacle when you follow all types of courses in Denmark using your English language skills.
What kind of educational opportunities does Denmark offer someone wanting to go there for higher education?

I think in Denmark since we are a very open society, we know how to, let’s say, compete globally - and because of that we have developed a very sophisticated schooling system for vocational training but also more university oriented training. We are focusing on schooling and the same opportunities that would add to the skills of the students - whether they are young students or graduated students. I think that we have realized how you need to skill your students - and I think in Denmark in that context we are offering a lot of opportunities for those who are interested in designing - but also how to combine the humanities with more technical or innovative skills. So there are lots of opportunities from vocational training through really high-end college university training in Denmark.

Denmark’s Ambassador to India Freddy Svane on Studying, careers, and job opportunities in Denmark



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18 June 2013

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