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Win a Global Women's Leadership Scholarship to Cass Business School

The program is open to women all over the world to pursue a MBA degree at high-ranking Cass Business School, in City University, in London.

Business Schools Take On Indian Philosophy

Indian-born management thinkers such as Ram Charan, Vijay Govindrajan and Srikumar S Rao are among the world's hottest business gurus and they are transforming American business schools.

Finding an Internship at Your Dream B-school

B-Schools have Career Development Centers whose purpose in life is to help you get an internship. They arrange workshops on resume-writing and bring top recruiters on campus for job fairs, help you prep for interviews, give you access to alumni databases, job sites, and give you a shoulder to cry on when you think you’re on a roller-coaster of rejection to hell!

'Creative destruction fits well with the spirit and nature of our work'

Engineer, economist and business studies professor Ajay Agrawal explains how the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab helps campus innovators commercialize research breakthroughs.

Supply Chain Management: the Hot New B-school Course

Learn about the behind-the-scenes job of getting the right product, at the right time, in front of the right people, at the right cost.

Return on Investment: Harvard Business School to Wall Street

Vikram Gandhi, investment banker, CEO of VSG Capital Advisors and founder of Asha Impact, spoke to BrainGain magazine about Harvard Business School and what makes it the best in MBA education.

Wharton’s Serguei Netessine on How the PhD Program Makes Talent Flow into Academia

It costs Wharton about $400,000 to educate one PhD student, because students don't pay tuition and they get generous stipends.

University of Southampton offers MBA scholarships to international students

Several scholarships worth up to 35% of the tuition fee are available for full-time study in the MBA program

'Business schools need to equip their students with human capital and social capital'

Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, discusses how her institution fosters diversity, including full funding for one female student in the new MBA in entrepreneurship

You Understand the Duality of Viewpoints by Studying Abroad

While in the thick of preparations for applying to studying abroad, it may not strike you as terribly obvious that you are embarking upon a life transforming journey. Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, academic director of Duke’s Corporate Education program says stepping out of familiar terrain endows the frontier crosser with an enduring gift: being able to understand and work with at least two ways of perceiving the world.

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