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Business Schools Take On Indian Philosophy

Indian-born management thinkers such as Ram Charan, Vijay Govindrajan and Srikumar S Rao are among the world's hottest business gurus and they are transforming American business schools.

Win a Global Women's Leadership Scholarship to Cass Business School

The program is open to women all over the world to pursue a MBA degree at high-ranking Cass Business School, in City University, in London.

'Business schools need to equip their students with human capital and social capital'

Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, discusses how her institution fosters diversity, including full funding for one female student in the new MBA in entrepreneurship

You Understand the Duality of Viewpoints by Studying Abroad

While in the thick of preparations for applying to studying abroad, it may not strike you as terribly obvious that you are embarking upon a life transforming journey. Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, academic director of Duke’s Corporate Education program says stepping out of familiar terrain endows the frontier crosser with an enduring gift: being able to understand and work with at least two ways of perceiving the world.

A simple guide to the higher education system in Germany

What’s the difference between a ‘university’ and a ‘university of applied science’? Can international students get scholarships? Do you need to know German? Do you need to take the GRE?

Five Key Drivers Behind New Google CEO Sundar Pichai′s Success

Google's new star Sundar Pichai hasn't taken any short cuts to success and exemplifies the old school formula of hard work and resilience.

Are US firms planning to hire international MBA graduates in 2018?

The Graduate Management Admission Council’s survey shows US hiring of international MBA graduates has "softened".

Why sports management degrees are becoming more popular

Find out from the faculty and alumni of one of the world's top 10 sport management programs

IIE Open Doors 2020: US hosts 1 million students for 5th year in a row

China (35%) and India (18%) maintain their positions as the top two source countries.

GMAT to Replace One Essay with Analysis

By June 2012, the GMAT will have a new section, designed to test the advanced reasoning skills of would-be MBA students. Test-takers will have to analyze and integrate information from multiple sources — charts, graphs, spreadsheets — to solve complex problems.

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