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Stanford launches new institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence - Vishal Sikka, Sam Palmisano & Eric Schmidt on board

Vishal Sikka, former CEO of Infosys, Sam Palmisano, former CEO of IBM, Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo, Eric Schmidt and other industry leaders are on the advisory board.
BY Skendha Singh |   29-03-2019

BrainGain Magazine

Stanford University, a world leader in artificial intelligence research, announced the launch of its Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute (HAI) earlier this month.

In an open letter, Dr. Fei Fei Li and Dr. John Etchemendy, Co-Directors of the Institute said, “We are on the cusp of The Age of Artificial Intelligence. The scope and scale of impact of the Age of AI will be more profound than any other period of transformation in our history. AI has the potential to radically transform every industry and every society.”

HAI has been instituted as a recognition of this ongoing transformation. It will bring together a diverse faculty from fields including law, literature, neuroscience, economics, bio-sciences, arts, philosophy and medicine. Although launched only earlier this month, the faculty members have already initiated funded research projects on a variety of theses including the future of work, the correction of gender bias in AI algorithms, the impact of driver-less cars on society.

The work of the institute will be guided by three principles:

  • the study and forecast of AI’s human impact
  • guiding AI research & development in light of that impact
  • developing an artificial intelligence as subtle and nuanced as the human

The diversity of intellects and experiences will also be reflected in the advisory council which includes Vishal Sikka, the founder & CEO of Vian Systems, and former CEO & MD of Infosys (2014 - 17), Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google Inc (2001 - 2011), Marissa Mayer, founder of Lumi Labs, and former CEO & President of Yahoo Inc, as well as Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn.
Dr. Li, a computer scientist, AI pioneer, and former Vice-President of Google, said, “The creators of AI need to represent humanity. This requires a true diversity of thought across gender, age, and ethnicity and cultural background as well as a diverse representation from different disciplines. hope what we are creating here is a global hub and forum for this kind of ongoing conversation.”



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