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Top 5 Apps for the University Student

There are more apps than you can imagine, for download on a student smartphone Ė but here are some you canít afford to miss out on.

1. MyPocketProf: Sync all your course notes to your phone so you can have a quick flick through when sitting on the bus & taking a break from the highly addictive TempleRun game. Sell (or donate) your notes to others from around the world to supplement your beer fund. Or – download notes that others have offered to the database out of the goodness of their hearts. Alternative: Evernote.


2. Spenz: A good way to keep track of all that student money and ensure you don’t blow it all on a textbook splurge. Tag your expenses, keep an eye on which category needs attention and get coupons and offers in-app. You can even compare your expenses with others and feel really bad about that ridiculous coffee habit. Alternative: Mint.



3. Epicurious: Even a student has to eat – search through the 100,000 recipes, menus, and food guides that the site boasts – you’ll be sure to find something to give you a pleasant change from that (un)pleasant cafeteria food. Alternative: Cook’s Illustrated; or, if you prefer alcohol: CocktailFlow

4. WolframAlpha: When you need a break from that crazy dating scene and all the partying (with perfectly mixed cocktails), Wolfram Alpha can be a great way to get a really quick answer or statistic to help with that research assignment. Or a good way to while away an afternoon learning all sorts of useless trivia. Alternative: Quora.

5. Google Maps: Possibly an obvious one, but you do get turn by turn voice navigation, 3D maps, satellite images and lots more. If you’re late for class you better have a good excuse. Alternative: Apple maps (if you’re late for class, this can be your excuse).


Shabad Chawla is a U.K.-based IT Pro, Tech Enthusiast and general Quasi-Geek, with a penchant for testing out all varieties of new apps on a regular basis. He is currently Technical Director of iForge Ltd., an IT Infrastructure and security solution specialist.



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