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Girls Just Want to Code

Google launches 'Made with Code' to encourage a closing of the gender gap in the technology industry.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   23-06-2014
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Google’s latest initiative, ‘Made with Code’, targets the female student population – many of whom have probably never considered getting involved in computer science to lead into a potential future career.

Launched just last week, American-Indian comedienne Mindy Kaling was a part of the festivities alongside Chelsea Clinton. Kaling said that she was never encouraged to appreciate computers, but thinks that should change and girls should be given this as an option and an opportunity to pursue in life.

‘Made with Code’ is a U.S. $50 million initiative from Google. The site incorporates not only the fun things that one can do with code (one of the projects is a bracelet that girls can code and receive in physical form after it is printed on a 3D printer – which is unfortunately a function not available to those in India) – but also offers mentorship and resources to those looking to learn more about the industry and all the things that a coder can actually do.

Google says it started ‘Made with Code’ were because less than 1% of girls pick Computer Science as a major to study at university; and that there is not enough representation in the companies, labs, research, creative arts, design organizations, and boardrooms that make the technology that increasingly powers ours lives, happen.

“If girls are inspired to see that Computer Science can make the world more beautiful, more usable, more safe, more kind, more innovative, more healthy, and more funny, then hopefully they will begin to contribute their essential voices. As parents, teachers, organizations, and companies we’re making it our mission to creatively engage girls with code.” – Made with Code, Google

Although U.S. focused, ‘Made with Code’ provides a community base which girls can connect into and ask their questions. There is also a resources page which not only includes fun projects from creating your name in flashing lights to coding your own app, via an MIT source page. Parents can also learn why coding is a big deal in this day and age.

You can learn more about 'Made with Code' here.



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