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Girls Just Want to Code

Google launches 'Made with Code' to encourage a closing of the gender gap in the technology industry.

Elite cyborg universities will corner education in post pandemic world, says marketing pundit Scott Galloway

Big tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft likely to enter education and health care in a big way, not because they want to but because they have to

AI success:'s online deep learning courses are popular in India

Since its inception the San Francisco-based education nonprofit has attracted more than 100,000 students, scattered around the globe from India to China.

Google launches new computer course for jobs in IT support

Google launches an online computer education program on Coursera to train people for entry-level IT support jobs in multinationals.

Google is World′s Best Employer for Engineering Students

Google is known for its famous perks, free gourmet meals as well as its appealing workplace culture and good pay.

How to disinfect your news from the COVID19 infodemic

The misinformation is viral. Here are practical tips from the faculty at the University of Toronto to keep your newsfeed healthy.

All you need to know about your digital footprint

What is digital footprint and how you can manage it? And other questions.

11 Simple Ways In Which You Can Make the Best of Google

Your search skills are about to reach a whole new level of efficiency, with BrainGain magazine's quick overview of Google’s most useful tips and tricks.



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