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What to do with a degree in Computer Science?

Do you ask a lot of questions and enjoy technology? Computer Science may be the way forward for you - see our handy guide!
What is Computer Science?

Fondly known as ‘Comp. Sci.’ at campuses around the globe, this is the study of the science behind computers and their applications. It requires sound logical reasoning, analytical skills, problem solving, and the ability to retrieve and use information effectively. The study of computer science at the undergraduate level brings together at the base level, uses of engineering, mathematics, and programming – individual universities may incorporate business studies and other relevant course-work within the degree.   

What can one do with a degree in Computer Science?

Studying Computer Science gives one a framework with which to go on and work in the Information Technology industry in some capacity. Specializations within the field of computer science include – but are not limited to - software engineering & security, business management, data intelligence, robotics, theory of computation, programming languages, and graphics.

Anyone wanting to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science can do so if they can display a working aptitude for mathematics or physics, and relevant necessary coursework – this differs from university to university.

After gaining an undergraduate degree, one can go on into the fields of software design - which includes web development and security. For those wanting to enter the application development field, a graduate degree is often recommended in the specialization of the field of interest. Anyone wanting to enter research and academia will require a PhD.

Some famous Computer Scientists

Timothy John Berners-Lee, best known for being the “inventor” of the World Wide Web – and is currently Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). His parents worked on the first commercially built computer (the Ferranti Mark 1); (BA Oxford University, U.K.)

Larry Page, co-founder & CEO Google. ( BA in Engineering from Univ. Of Michigan Ann Arbor; MSc. Computer Science from Stanford University, U.S.)

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google (BA in Mathematics & Computer Science from Univ. Of Maryland at College Park; MSc. Computer Science from Stanford University, U.S.)



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