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5 top technical skills that will make your CV stand out

With the increasing level of competition in jobs, just brandishing an undergraduate degree doesn’t ensure that your CV makes the cut. What better to bring to the table than technical skills? We give you 5 that are in great demand.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   10-08-2018

With the increasing level of competition in jobs

Today, hiring managers not only screen your academic scores but also look for extracurricular knowledge to give you an edge. And in this age of information, being fluent with the use of technology is non-negotiable.

Technical skills are the abilities needed to perform practical operations often relating to mechanical, information technology, mathematical, or scientific tasks. Employers consider technical skills of great value because they eliminate the need for training the candidate. What’s more – not only are these skills essential in IT and related fields but they are critical in other fields as well.

  1. Social media and digital literacy
    Irrespective of your job profile, understanding social media is a skill that almost all recruiters look for. Social media can spread the brand’s message to a much wider audience than their offline target. Undertaking short online certified courses on keywords, AdWords, SEO,  and Analytics, can greatly improve your chances of employment.
  2. Data management
    Data is all around us. It is the new currency. The pages you like on Facebook, the double-clicks on Instagram, the time of the month you shop online, and when you book your cab – all of it is data and valuable to companies. So, if you can understand analytics and learn techniques to collect and use data to grow – you’ve got it made.
  3. Technical writing
    An underrated skill, technical writing is just as important as any other. To be able to document important processes, instructions and business training material, and write descriptions, gives an edge to employees in communicating their messages. Writing clearly and concisely is a bonus combination that hiring managers are always on a hunt for. To keep up, reading science journals and tech magazines can help you sharpen those writing skills.
  4. Coding
    Knowing how to write codes opens an entirely new set of possibilities in an already existing digital market. Generally, coding is a part of curriculum in fields pertaining to IT but can also be included as an add-on for other fields. There are course videos on YouTube as well as on other educational websites where you can learn.
  5. Ability to adapt to new tech
    It’s true. This skill is listed as one of the top tech skills for 2018 by the Forbes Technology Council. You don’t know what your future job-roles will require but you’ll succeed if you keep learning. It’s as simple and rigorous as that.

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