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5 top-ranking graduate programs in Statistics and why you should get a degree in the subject

The 9th annual World Statistics Day is on 20th October 2018. If you’re wondering about careers in Statistics, best graduate degrees in Statistics, and programs in applied Statistics, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got 5 awesome options for you.
BY Skendha Singh & Cherryy Chauhan |   18-10-2018

5 top-ranking graduate programs in Statistics

We live in a world of numbers. The size of your family, how much you earn, your insurance pay-out, and your life expectancy – all these are numbers and probabilities. The science of these numbers is Statistics. Dr. Raymond Chambers, Professor of Statistical Methodology, University of Wollongong in Australia, has this to say about the subject, “Data [is] becoming ‘Big,’ but that doesn’t necessarily bring more knowledge. There are always problems with ‘noisy’ and ‘missing’ data or data uncertainty, and there is always uncertainty in how we characterize their underlying structure. Statistical science turns the data into information and then that information into knowledge.” Sounds great, right?

In this TEDxExeter video on Why you should love Statistics, Alan Smith, Data Visualization Editor at the Financial Times, says, “I am the first one to acknowledge that Statistics has somewhat of an image problem. It’s the part of mathematics that even mathematicians don’t particularly like. The rest of maths is all about precision and certainty. Statistics is almost the reverse of that.”

That said, what is cool about Statistics is that the subject “is about us as a group.” And the problems we solve through Statistics can have real-life impact. That's why Statistics is getting all the hype. In this video on Why You Need to Study Statistics, Deepak Kumar from California has this to say, “Regardless of the field that you pursue, whether it is Astronomy, Criminal Justice, Medicine. . . going forward you have got to know Statistics.”

Now that we figure you’re keen on finding out more, BrainGain Magazine has a list of 5 of the best graduate Statistics programs that will give you a head start in the field.

  1. Harvard University
    According to the 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject, Harvard University’s Master of Science (SM) in Data Science program is number one. The MS program is offered jointly by Computer Science and Statistics faculties. Harvard offers one of the most sought after educational experiences comprising workshop-style research seminars, meals with visiting speakers, and other events.

    Alumni have made careers in academia, banking and financial services, information technology, medical research, economic research and public policy. The cost of full tuition is estimated at $53,024 for the first year. If you need financial aid from Harvard University, see here.

  2. University of Cambridge
    Ranked fifth on the QS World University Rankings by subject, University of Cambridge’s Master of Advanced Study (MASt) in Mathematical Statistics (also known as Part III), is a 9-months long graduate program. The students attend seminars and classes, have one-to-one supervision, practicals, lectures and small group teaching sessions. Graduates of the program go on to work in academia, banking, IT, medicine and consulting industry and more. The cost of full tuition is estimated at $25,574 (£19,449).

    If you need financial aid from Cambridge, and are a woman, check out the Sheila Edmonds Bursaries, and studentships from the Women in Geometry and Number Theory scheme. Find out more here.

  3. ETH Zürich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
    ETH Zurich offers a specialised Master of Science ETH in Statistics program that lists among the top 10 in the world. Students engage with an active research group that enables them to learn a variety of quantitative procedures of their own interest whether in Data Science or Biostatistics.

    Alumni of the program are working in universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, marketing, statistical consulting, data science and more. The cost of full tuition is around $584 (CHF 580) for each regular semester and for the semester where a thesis is required. For financial support from the university, visit here.

  4. National University of Singapore
    The National University of Singapore offers a degree in Master of Science in Statistics both full-time and part-time. The program has two essential modules – Basic Statistical Theory and Applied Regression Analysis, as well as elective modules. The only intake for the program is in August.

    Alumni are placed in the pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, marketing, consulting, and have also continued their research studies at the university. The cost of full tuition is around $26,671 (S$ 36,750) for the first year. For financial support from the university, visit here.

  5. University of Toronto
    The University of Toronto offers a Master of Science degree in Statistics. The modules cover a wide range of applied and theoretical concepts in actuarial science, probability and mathematical science.

    Alumni from the program are working in academia, transportation, manufacturing, banking, IT, medicine industry and more. The full-time program is of three semesters but students can choose to complete it in two. The cost of full tuition is around $38,188 (CAD 49,800) for the first year. For financial support from the university, visit here.
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