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5 simple tips on how to prepare for the GRE

The GRE is a key requirement for most postgraduate programs. How can you ensure the right scores? Here are 5 simple tips.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   08-06-2018

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If you are aiming to study abroad after college, it is likely that you will have heard the term ‘GRE’. GRE or the Graduate Record Examinations is a standardised test that is a prerequisite to apply for admissions in most graduate schools across the U.S. GRE measures the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills of the applicants. While we agree, there are no shortcuts to success; but here are five tips that will help your preparations for the GRE better:

  1. Draft a time table

    It is imperative to maintain consistency while preparing for any exam. Whether it is the hand-drawn time schedule hanging on your wall or the deafening tones of your alarm, maintain a strict compliance to your time schedule.

  2. Devise a study plan

    Next step involves targeting baseline scores for the exam. Do the research for your desired course and university and analyse your baseline scores accordingly. After deciding base scores, focus your study plan consequently on the curriculum of each exam section.

  3. Pick your choice of material

    While some prefer an online series of study content, others prefer the traditional books to be the way to prepare. Selection of the study material for the preparation is a subjective choice and should be made based on the comfort and targets of the aspirant.

  4. Exercise practice tests

    The best idea of GRE you can have before attempting it, is through taking up practice tests. Undertake 4-5 practice tests weekly and analyse the results to focus on your weaknesses. Take practice tests from credible and GRE approved sources only.

  5. Make way for healthy mind and body

    An oft-overlooked step in the midst of exhaustive study schedules is forgetting to take care of one’s self. Eating healthy and keeping those positivity levels up forms an essential part of the exam preparations. Take proper doses of sleep, and don’t forget to go out and de-stress!

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