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5 reasons to do an MSc in finance

If you think finance is your forte, an MBA is not the only route to take. You could specialize in the subject by pursuing an MSc. Why do an MSc? Here are 5 reasons.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   01-12-2017
Study in MSc in Finance

Pursuing an MBA in finance is considered a necessary step to a career in the field by most students. But an MSc in the subject can be your ticket to success without causing a dent in your savings like an MBA. And it offers good value for money. Want to know more? Here are 5 reasons we think you should do an MSc in finance.

  1. Focuses solely on finance: A postgraduate degree in finance is focused solely on the subject and doesn’t include a generic curriculum offered in an MBA. The degree familiarizes the student with key concepts of theory, as well as the industry’s practical aspects. At the end of the course, the student is expected to be well-versed in concepts such as financial theory, quantitative finance, mathematics, investments, and financial analysis form the core of the subject.  
  2. Short-length programs: One of the benefits of pursuing an MSc in finance is its short duration. The course is designed to be of a year’s duration (except in some select universities). It is also an intense and focused experience which helps prepare the students to work under pressure and perform quality tasks. This allows students to spend less money and enter the professional world sooner.
  3. Work-experience optional: Another reason an MSc in finance is worth considering is that most degrees do not compulsorily require work experience. So, you can be fresh out of university and apply for an MSc degree in finance without any sweat. It is a shorter route to fulfilling your professional ambitions.
  4. Doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket: As compared to an MBA, an MSc is much easier on your pocket. For example, an MSc from the University of Edinburgh Business School is 28,000 GBP. A full-time MBA from the same university costs 58,200 GBP!
  5. Resurgence in demand: At its heart, a postgraduate degree in finance prepares the student with strategies to resolve varied financial crises. Owing to their extensive and thorough knowledge on the subject, many business corporations, including mergers and acquisition firms, equity and investment firms, and consulting firms, prefer hiring a finance graduate to inform and assess their financial decisions.

A quick look at the top MSc in Finance programs from around the globe:
1. MSc in Financial Markets from Edhec Business School, France
2. MSc in International Finance from HEC Paris, France
3. MSc in Finance from Essec Business School, France and Singapore
4. Advanced Master in Finance from ESCP Europe
5. Masters in Finance from MIT: SLOAN, USA
Source: Financial Times

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