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Stanford Seed announces expansion to India - applications open

Stanford Seed will run its first program in Chennai from August 2017. Applications are now open.
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   18-05-2017
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The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) has announced the expansion of its Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies  (Seed) initiative  to India. Seed will be located in Chennai. The first program will run from August 2017 to August 2018 and be delivered from the Infosys campus.

The Seed Transformation program was first launched in Accra, Ghana in 2013. In 2016, it expanded to Nairobi Kenya. In the last four years, faculty, staff, and coaches have trained 565 business leaders.

“The impact of Seed in West and East Africa has been astounding, with nearly two-thirds of participants reporting increased revenue and job creation,” said Jesper Sørensen, Robert A. and Elizabeth R. Jeffe Professor of Organizational Behavior at the GSB and executive director of Seed. “We are five years into our journey, and just getting started. We believe – and have seen first-hand – that this unique model can help some of the most dynamic business leaders in these regions drive the kinds of firm growth that underlies sustainable regional prosperity. We are very eager to see its impact in India.”

Three distinct programs make up the Seed initiative: the Seed Transformation Program is a yearlong, leadership program for founders and leaders of small and medium-scale enterprises; Seed Student Programs, which provide education opportunities and summer internships at participating companies; and Seed Research, which funds breakthrough solutions for promoting prosperity in developing countries.

Participants in the Seed Transformation Program take classes taught by faculty from Stanford’s Business School. They are also supported and trained in leadership development by local staff. Over 9 months, participants have four, week-long sessions on topics such as business ethics, accounting, and leadership strategy. The program also offers great networking opportunities through peer groups, as well as resources and ideas to implement business plans. Even after completing the program, participants can apply to access high-touch coaching, as well as access to Stanford student interns, and consultants.

So far, 565 entrepreneurs and senior executives have benefited from the program. It has also led to increased revenue and job creation. One of the successful participants is Femi Oye, owner of GoSolar Africa, based in Nigeria. GoSolar Africa is an international energy company that focuses on developing solutions for individuals with limited access to electricity.Oye said, “I’ve tried many ventures in my career, and learning about Seed was a miracle. With Seed, I learned to use simple solutions to address a complex problem. It gave me the knowledge to experiment, attempt the unthinkable and make great things happen.”

Applications deadline for India is 26 May, and for East and West Africa is 30 June.




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