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UBC Vancouver's hybrid graduate degrees are preparing today's graduates for tomorrow's jobs

With the employment landscape changing rapidly, a diverse skillset has become increasingly sought-after. This is what the University of British Columbia is doing about it.

How America's Fletcher School Teaches 360 Degree Thinking

America's oldest school of diplomacy offers a one-year International Affairs Master of Arts degree program to mid-career professionals interested in honing leadership skills.

Q&A on 21st Century Skills – Ashok Trivedi

August 06, 2021 |
Founder and Chairman of iGate, Mr. Ashok Trivedi, spoke with BrainGain Magazine at One Globe Conference. As the founder of an organization spread across nations, Mr. Trivedi had valuable insight on what the global employers are looking for. He also spoke about the importance of human networks, and shared his thoughts on India's booming study abroad trend.

Here Are the Steps to Becoming a CEO

Professor Christian Stadler studied a mountain of Fortune 100 CEO profiles to decode the steps that can boost your chances of getting the top job.

Win a Global Women's Leadership Scholarship to Cass Business School

The program is open to women all over the world to pursue a MBA degree at high-ranking Cass Business School, in City University, in London.

Stanford Seed announces expansion to India - applications open

Stanford Seed will run its first program in Chennai from August 2017. Applications are now open.

Five Key Drivers Fueling the Rise of new IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

The India-educated executive’s meteoric rise is a tribute to the US meritocratic culture and his brilliance as a technologist.

What Makes a Good Mentor?

There is no lack of inspiration for an individual willing to learn. The presence of a mentor, however, can make a significant difference in one's life. But, it is not possible to have just anyone play this role for us. So how do we find an incredible guide who can further our passion? Dr. McClellan gives us five qualities we should look for in a good mentor.

Get Smart on Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft′s AI Business School

The free, online course is a master class series that aims to empower business executives to lead with confidence in the age of AI.

The Leadership Phenomenon

Leadership - is it inborn or can it be cultivated? What are the implications of being a leader in the modern world? Preliminary thoughts on the subject that has fascinated philosophers, psychologists and poets over the millennia.

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