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5 postgraduate scholarships for art and design students

If you want to study art and design abroad and are worried about where the money will come from - we're here to help. Check out these 5 international art and design scholarships.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   28-05-2018

International degree programs in arts are just as expensive as any other course out there. Aspiring students often find the lack of financial aid daunting. As opposed to popular belief, there are plenty of scholarships to help aspiring art students achieve their goals. While the eligibility criteria vary from school to school, there are generous art scholarships available for the sincere student. We list 5 postgraduate opportunities below:

  1. DAAD Scholarships

    One of the most popular art scholarships across the globe, DAAD provides students with scholarship opportunities to continue their education in Germany. Any international student with a bachelor’s degree in the fields of fine arts, design/visual communication can apply to the scholarship which will include a monthly payment of €750, travel allowance, one-off study allowance, and payments towards health, accident, and personal liability insurance covers. For more information, visit here.

  2. Andrew Grant Postgraduate Scholarships

    Awarded by the Edinburgh College of Art, the Andrew Grant Postgraduate Scholarships allow students to receive scholarship benefits for postgraduate programmes across five schools - School of Art; School of Design; ESALA (Architecture and Landscape Architecture); History of Art; and the Reid School of Music.  A selection panel will judge the applications based on relevant experience, research preparedness, personal statement etc. For more information, visit here.

  3. NABA International Scholarships

    To attract talented students from all over the world, Italy’s Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti reserves a number of scholarships for foreign students. The scholarships are of two types – Project-based and portfolio-based. The scholarships are awarded through a contest and are available for a number of courses such as design, fashion, visual arts etc. For more information click here and here.

  4. IED Scholarships

    Another Italian institute, Istituto Europeo di Design also offers scholarships covering upto 50% of the tuition fees for master’s courses held in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Cagliari, Madrid and Barcelona. The scholarships are open to international students from all across the world for programmes in the fields of design, fashion, visual arts etc.For more information, visit here.

  5. Krishna Kriti Foundation Scholarships

    The Krishnakriti Foundation in collaboration with
     The French Embassy in India offers scholarships to Indian artists who wish to study in prestigious French institutes of ENSBA in Paris and ENSADMM in Marseilles. The scholarships are awarded in the fields of visual and fine arts. Artists apply for the fellowship with their artwork while a jury comprising of art critics from India and France make the selection. For more information, visit here.

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