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Top 5 Brain-Games for Students of Any Age

Everyone loves a good brain-workout, so give these games a try and see if you can make yourself smarter by having a little fun!

Rubik's Cube: For those of us that are spatially challenged, the Rubik's Cube is a mind-bending feat that frustrates us with its apparent simplicity. Aligning colours in the cube should be easy enough, but it in fact tests our ability to coordinate multiple layers and directions of movement. Once you've gotten it, the next level of mastery is to complete the Cube in less and less time, with the final level of domination achieved once you can complete the Cube blindfolded. If you're already at that level, consider joining one of the many Rubik's Cube leagues....

Chess: The refined (wo)man's brain teaser, Chess represents an old-fashioned, world-renowned, and highly respected way to prove mental superiority over your opponent. The regal pieces in the traditional board-game lend to its aristocratic appeal, while its straightforward design have helped propel it to becoming one of the world's most famous plays of strategy.

Ghost: This one is a non-tangible game – which lends part of the appeal – it’s a play anytime, anywhere word-spelling game that tests your verbal knowledge and range. Each player must add a letter to a growing word – but the goal is not to be the person who completes the word. If you lose, you get a letter in the word ‘g-h-o-s-t’ – and the first player who receives all the letters is counted out of the game.  A player can be penalized for using an incorrectly spelled, or nonexistent, words. Check out some more instructions here: (

Trivial Pursuit: Excellent choice of fun for a know-it-all's shining hour. Trivial Pursuit tests general knowledge as well as specialized fact retention in a way that puts most of us to shame. Half the fun though is answering questions based on colour-coded category cards and then collecting the colourful little triangular chips each time you answer a question correctly on the ‘hub space’ of a coloured category.

Mind Trap: Mind Trap is a game full of logic puzzles that confronts you with situations you might actually encounter in your everyday life, and yet still leave you stumped. Easy to play with a big group, this game will have you thinking critically until it hurts!


Sanjana Tandon loves to relive her childhood and keep her mind sharp through games and brain teasers. Originally from San Francisco and a graduate of Stanford University, she is currently a Clinton Fellow working on affordable housing issues at micro Home Solutions in New Delhi.



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