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A World of Opportunity: Art History at The University of Sydney

If you're interested in art, why not explore art history at the University of Sydney, with its unique specialisations and practical experience? Read more below.
BY Resham Mukherjee |   12-10-2015
Art History

Art history is a fairly niche subject. And yet, Australia spoils students with the range of choices that it makes available to them. Students can specialize in varied aspects such as visual culture, medieval regional manuscripts, or the study of film history. The Department of Art History at the University of Sydney is the only university in New South Wales that offers courses in the subject.

 “Art History may not be as familiar to you as other university subjects, but they have a distinguished pedigree here at Sydney,” says Professor Mark Ledbury, the Chair of Department of Art history, University of Sydney.

A degree in Art History can open doors to a world of opportunities in the art sector, which is currently dominated with art industries, commercial galleries, public art spaces, museums and likewise.

The University of Sydney offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses, as well as post graduate research studies.

Entry into undergraduate course

University of Sydney

The undergraduate program offers both Pass and Honours courses. International applicants with educational qualifications from Australia or New Zealand, specified by the department, are required to apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), while the others need to apply directly to the university via the online application portal on the “Find a Course” option. It is recommended that students visit the “Undergraduate Entry Requirements” page before applying.

A non-refundable application processing fee of AUD100 is charged.   A student who is sponsored, or exempted due to special reservations, need not pay.

The course is spread over two semesters, one from March, and the other from June.

Entry into post graduate courses

Art Curating, and Museum and Heritage studies are offered for postgraduate study. The courses are often followed by internships, through which students are able to experience the culture and practice in the industry.  A strong foundation in Art Curating, or an honours degree in Art history, are essential for an entry. The Master of Art Curating is a collaborative venture of the University of Sydney, and Sydney College of Arts (SCA).

International students should apply for postgraduate courses direct to the University. However, attention should be paid to additional requirements, such as travel documents and charges. International students should also ensure that their qualifications are recognized and admissible.

The deadline for applications for the first semester is on 31 January, while for the second semester, it is 30 June.



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