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5 things you need to know about plagiarism

There are serious consequences to plagiarism, even if it seems like an easy route to take. BrainGain magazine brings you a list of 5 things you need to know.

6 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy While Studying Abroad

Staying healthy is crucial factor in ensuring your academic success. BrainGain magazine brings you 6 ways to keep in the best of health.

Book Review: A Vegetarian in Paris

Did you think being vegetarian in Paris was impossible? Well think again!

Venture for India & Columbia Business School Partner on Scholarship Program

Venture for India (VFI) in collaboration with Columbia Business School, has launched a scholarship program, which will see 15 students selected for an opportunity to take part in a 3-week entrepreneurial workshop at Columbia University in New York City.

5 reasons to do an MSc in finance

If you think finance is your forte, an MBA is not the only route to take. You could specialize in the subject by pursuing an MSc. Why do an MSc? Here are 5 reasons.

5 art scholarships from around the world

Scholarships aren’t just for aspiring engineers and doctors – they’re for artists, too! If you dream of studying fine arts, art history, or architecture abroad, check out this list

Knowing the U.K. Student Visa Rules

Getting a student visa for the U.K. might seem like it’s becoming tougher – but really, just be organized and familiarize yourself with the rules. All the U.K. border agency wants to know is if you really want to study.

Letter from Campus Post Card From North Dakota

American football is a religion at North Dakota State University, just as cricket is in India. The university stadium is Fargodome – ‘Fargo’ for the city, and ‘Dome’. The football is known as the ‘BISON’, after the state animal. Any game at FargoDome attracts huge crowds of university students as well as locals, who cheer on their team, who wear Green and Yellow colours. Everybody yells "GOOOOO BISON!" really loudly. – Deepak Dawar

5 postgraduate scholarships for art and design students

If you want to study art and design abroad and are worried about where the money will come from - we're here to help. Check out these 5 international art and design scholarships.



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