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New Zealand Excellence Awards winners begin their studies

35 Indians have begun their education in New Zealand after winning the excellence awards.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   21-03-2018
Grant McPherson, Chief Executive of Education New Zealand
Grant McPherson, Chief Executive of Education New Zealand

After winning the 2018 New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA), 35 Indian students have begun their studies at the respective universities. The awards are a scholarship program offered jointly by Education New Zealand and Universities New Zealand to give an exclusive chance to the brightest of minds from India. The 35 scholarships were awarded with a total scholarship pool of 83.27 Lakh Rupees.

The students enrolled into eight New Zealand universities, all of which rank among the top 500 (3%) universities worldwide. All 35 of the awarded Indian students are enrolled mainly in design or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Through sharing their experience of studying in New Zealand via Education New Zealand’s social media channels, several award recipients have already become ambassadors for Education New Zealand.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Grant McPherson, the Chief Executive of Education New Zealand said, “The awards give talented and ambitious young Indian students the chance to undertake specialist study in New Zealand – an experience that will help set them apart in the increasingly competitive global job market.

New Zealand was recently ranked first in the world for providing a future-focused education.  Our universities offer world-class teaching and research resources and strong industry collaboration. Students here are encouraged to think independently, critically and creatively which, in turn, leads to high levels of innovation. I’m delighted that we are able to continue the trend of more students choosing to study at New Zealand’s universities by offering these awards to some of India’s top students. These 35 students will have an once-in-a-lifetime experience which they will take home with them, along with the skills and knowledge they gain from their qualifications.

Mr McPherson said international students such as these awardees enriched New Zealand’s campuses and communities and are potential ambassadors for New Zealand, “As their careers advance, they will contribute to on-going academic and research linkages as well as potential trade, investment and diplomatic activity between New Zealand and India over many years.”

New Zealand, being ranked 4th on the World Peace index, makes a wonderful home for international students of different ethnicities. New Zealand is a multicultural society, with Indians making up 4% of its population. In big cities such as Auckland, the numbers go as high as 8% making the people of New Zealand more used to seeing Indian people around, creating a safe environment for the foreign students. The number of Indian students choosing to study at New Zealand universities increased by 22% in 2017, with an additional 17% growth already experienced in 2018 first-time student visa approvals.

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