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4 courses that can set you up for success in your game development career

If you are looking for undergraduate courses in game development, we have 4 cool recommendations.

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With over2.5 billion gamers around the world, and an expected market value of $90 billion by 2020, the video game industry is booming. Game development is a truly interdisciplinary field, drawing from computer science, creative writing, graphic design and animation. It is the perfect career for people with diverse skills, who are passionate about video games, and are disciplined enough to be designers. Undergraduate courses for game development are popping up around the world. While some are concentrated on the art or gaming, others are more multidisciplinary in their approach.

Here are four courses we think will set you up for success in your game development career:

  1. Game Art Design BA (Hons), De Montfort University

    De Montfort University (DMU)  in the U.K. touts the first industry accredited game design course in England. This program, strictly looking at the art behind game design, was awarded 98% in the overall student satisfaction survey of 2018 because of DMU’s holistic view of game art design. Students look at game development from the perspectives of game production, visual design and critical game studies. The program is oriented towards students who have already developed skills in 2D design and want to expand into 3D, with mix of classes involving traditional art practice and digital art practice, taught by excellent faculty.

    Along with great classes, DMU has a specialist game studio with high-spec PCs, Cintiq graphics tablets, along with a drawing studio. These tools are perhaps the reason that DMU graduates have gone on to work on labels such as Grand theft Auto V, Aliens vs Predator and Crysis 3. The cost of the program is also considerably lower than comparable degrees, resting at 11,000 pounds for international students. It is, therefore, an option worth considering if you’re serious about a gaming career. You can view the requirements here.

  2. Honours Bachelor of Game Design, Sheridan College

    This four year program in Canada is perfect for those looking to diversify their skill sets and begin building a solid network in the game industry. Students in the program work on lab projects and simulations that focus on game development and mechanics, 2D and 3D art animation, level design, game narrative and game audio.

    Along with technical classes on the art and programming involved in video game development, students learn about the game industry through case studies, with a particular emphasis on management and industry trends. Because of its focus on industry, Sheridan attracts professors with vast industry experience and solid networks-- an invaluable tool once students graduate and join the world of professionals.

    Another important component of the program at Sheridan is its mandatory internship. The college facilitates over 1800 Co-op and Internship work terms per year, and supports students with one-on-one guidance before the internship. The aim of the internship is to integrate the skills learned in class in industry settings, and begin developing an understanding of what it means to be a game developer.

    Details on course requirements can be found here.

  3. BA in Animation and Game Development, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

    Housed in one the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany, this program has a strong practical focus. The majority of the instruction is in English and combines animation and game development to prepare students for the versatility of the industry. Graduates of the program may also choose to pursue careers in international media and entertainment industries with the diverse skills they acquire.

    The 7 semester long course covers a variety of subjects, such as classical and CG animation, art direction, storytelling, game development and game programming, technical art, media theory and project management. The school is well-equipped with industry standard software and hardware, film and sound studios, a game lab, a usability lab and a motion-capture studio.

    Like Sheridan, Darmstadt mandates an internship for second year students. The students gain skills as a digital artist, game developer, animator and animation director, technical artist, game programmer or animation and game producer. Students of the program have the option to pursue a Masters Program with a transmedia focus that leads to positions in higher education, research and the creative industry. Graduates of the program have gone on to join Software AG, among other companies.

    Details on course requirements can be found here.

  4. BA Game Design, Bradley University

    Bradley University’s undergraduate game design program has been ranked 12th in the world by Princeton Review. It’s student games were featured at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 and IndieCade. The four-year program, leading to a Bachelor's degree in game development include both theoretical and practical courses in game development and industry. As a mid-sized university dedicated to providing work experience for its students, game design majors at Bradley University also get the opportunity to work in the industry, and form a network before they graduate.

    Most valuable, however, is Bradley University’s attempt to diversify the workforce by nurturing female game developers. Alumni from the university have gone on to take leadership roles in companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment.

    Requirements for the program can be found here.

What are your thoughts on game development and these programs? Have others in mind? Let us know with a comment below!


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