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4 courses that can set you up for success in your game development career

If you are looking for undergraduate courses in game development, we have 4 cool recommendations.

Tips to survive your first year at UCLA

Things only a seasoned Bruin can tell you.

5 LGBT/Queer studies courses that will help you understand why Pride Month exists

This Pride Month, learn where LGBTQ resistance started and where it's going with these courses.

Mental Health Awareness Month: 7 tips to manage your mental health in college

Being a college student can be overwhelming and strenuous on your mental health. These tips will help manage your mental health and make life a little easier.

How to choose your college based on your zodiac sign?

Which is the best college for your zodiac sign?

How the H-1B visa issue is revealing the scam that is the American Dream

The H-1B visa isn’t exactly the symbol of the radical meritocracy that American companies would have you believe.

Devoted to dance and wondering where to study? Here are 5 great schools you can choose from!

“When you dance, you enjoy the luxury of being you.” -Paulo Coehlo

4 books to check out by indigenous writers

This International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, celebrate their diverse stories and experiences with these four books.

5 podcasts to binge this summer before you go to college

Watching the same six shows on your Netflix queue during your holidays is so passé. Podcasts are the way to go this summer.

How inclusive is healthcare for international students across the world?

Interested in studying abroad? Learn about healthcare options for international students at popular study abroad destinations around the world.

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