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6 distinguished postgraduate courses in Zoology you should consider

Zoology degree on your mind? Here are 6 great courses in Zoology you should consider.
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   05-07-2019

University of Lancashire
Image Credit: University of Lancashire

Zoology deals with studying animals and their life by studying their behaviour and interactions with the environment. Most zoologists observe large organisms and record their impact on the lives of humans and their environment. Some of the commonly taught courses in the field include physiology, ecology, biometrics, genetics and chemistry.

A postgraduate degree in Zoology can reveal opportunities in sectors such as conservation, research, veterinary science, ecology and pharmaceuticals. If you are hoping to pursue a postgraduate degree in Zoology, here are five distinguished programs that can give you an edge:

  1. MSc by Research in Zoology: University of Oxford

    Oxford’s Master of Science by Research in Zoology is a highly selective program which requires the students to possess an exceptional academic case for securing admission. The program details research on a broad range of topics with an emphasis on the evolution of organisms and their interaction with the environment. Students will have an opportunity to be a part of a research community comprising an active set of doctoral student-led events, seminars and workshops.

    The maximum fee liability for a student enrolled in this program is two years but the overall course length is three years. The annual tuition fee for the course is £23,950 and offers over 1,000 full graduate scholarships to students. To know more about the program, visit here.

  2. M.Phil in Biological Science (Zoology): University of Cambridge

    University of Cambridge’s Master of Philosophy in Zoology programme brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines to study the complexity of form, function and behaviour of living organisms within their environment. Despite the absence of taught components in the course, the university’s many research courses enable students to learn appropriate skills for research and evaluation of biological sciences.

    The duration of the program is one year and the annual tuition fee is £42,308. Some of the scholarships to be considered for this program are Cambridge UK Masters Scholarships, Gates Cambridge Scholarships and more.

  3. MSc in Animal Biosciences: University of Edinburgh

    The University of Edinburgh’s Master of Science degree in Animal Biosciences educates students with the theory and research practices in zoology and equips them with skills that lay a foundation for the understanding of the human body. One of the flagship programs of the School of Biological Sciences at the university, it delves into study areas such as animal sciences, veterinary and human medicine, livestock industry, and food security.

    The duration of the full-time program is one year and the tuition fee is £29,600 for international students. Scholarships such as Colt Foundation Fellowships, NHS Student Bursaries and more can be considered.

  4. MSc in Biology, Animal Ecology: Lund University

    Sweden’s Lund University offers a Master of Science in Animal Ecology program elucidates the evolutionary processes at the level of genes, individuals and populations in animals. Students acquire skills to understand different traits of reproductive and survival strategies and appearance, physiology and behaviour in animals in an excellent research environment. Some of the highlight features of the program include testing of evolutionary hypotheses and evolutionary theory applied to ecological problems.

    The duration of the full-time is two years and the annual tuition fee is SEK 290,000. Lund University Global Scholarship, Swedish Institute Scholarships, JN Tata Endowment Loan Scholarships and more can be considered for applying to this programme.

  5. MSc in Zoology: University of Otago

    New Zealand’s University of Otago’s Master of Science in Zoology program studies the biology of animals through a molecular, physiological, structural, evolutionary, behavioural and ecological standpoint. The courses are designed to explore and research the diversity of animals and their functions in various ecosystems. Some of the compulsory courses include evolutionary genetics, neurobiology and behaviour and freshwater ecology.

    The duration of the full-time program is one year and the annual tuition fee is NZ$ 32,136. Some of the student aids include University of Otago Summer Scholarships, Elizabeth Mason Prize, Parker Prize and more.

  6. MSc in Animal Sciences: Pennsylvania State University

    Pennsylvania State University offers four graduate programs in zoology including the Master of Science in Animal Sciences which is a research-oriented program designed to offer world-class teaching, research, and extension programs in a wide variety of key areas in animal agriculture and the food system. Branched under the College of Agricultural Science, the university’s MSc program specialises in all the disciplines of zoology including animal management, breeding, genetics and genomics, growth and developmental biology and more.

    The duration of the full-time program is two years and the annual tuition fee is US$38,466. Tuition support is available in the form of graduate assistantships, fellowships and university scholarships.

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