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What every student should know before going abroad

Studying abroad is a marvellous experience, and one should definitely not forget how to enjoy it. And we as your guardian angels will help you do just that!
BY Ishika Chawla |   08-10-2014

There are certain things that can often slip one’s mind when packing for a study abroad experience – we’ve outlined the most important for you!

  • First and foremost, obtaining or updating a passport and making sure all the visa and study-related paperwork is in order.

  • Second, keep up to date with the currency exchange, one might be surprised as to how much they really might end up spending.

  • Third, watch the news pertaining to where one is going.

  • Fourth, registering ones semester with their home government, in case of emergency they will be able to get in touch.

  • Fifth, getting all necessary health checkups and vaccinations is very important. In fact order ahead on your prescriptions and let your health insurance know where you’re going.

  • Sixth, All your paperwork for flights and itinerary should be on hand at the airport and during the trip.

  • Seventh, let multiple people know where you will be going and how you can be contacted.

  • Eighth, making sure all your courses, flights, housing and itinerary are established and secured before leaving.

  • Ninth, very importantly check with your bank account overseas rates and check to find a local bank in your study abroad destination that you will have access to.

  • And last, but not least, make sure all your credits will be accepted at your home university. You really wouldn’t want to be under the impression that they are not being accepted!


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