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'Teachers in the US create own reading lists and assignments for syllabi'

Author, translator, poet and teacher Aruni Kashyap on Assam, America and the art of good writing

Tips for Applying for a Student Visa

Have you been admitted into a university of your choice abroad? Well then it's time to start applying for your visa! Here are some of our tips.

What to Pack for University

Packing often becomes a low priority until the last minute. And then it is hard to prioritize how and what to pack. BrainGain magazine comes to your rescue with valuable tips and tricks.

What every student should know before going abroad

Studying abroad is a marvellous experience, and one should definitely not forget how to enjoy it. And we as your guardian angels will help you do just that!

5 tips for planning your study abroad journey

Here's some great advice from World Education Services (WES) on how to get organized as you plan your studies abroad.



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