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What are the benefits of Studying in France?

In 2012, almost 2,600 Indian students went to study in France. This year the number has increased further. Is it easy to go? Read on for more!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   17-07-2013
Paris-Sorbonne University
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In 2012, almost 2,600 Indian students went to study in France. This year the number has increased further. And as a result, the number of courses taught in English at French universities has also shot over the 700 mark. France has recently announced further advantages for Indian students who are thinking about getting an education there.

Applying for the visa:

Apply for a long stay student visa –

First, get a No Objection certificate from your nearest French Embassy’s Education Attache officer.

Make sure you have proof of funds to pay for your education in France, to submit with your application for the visa. Suggested documents include: bank statements, salary slips, income tax return statements, an employment letter, and make sure you include your university acceptance letter.


The Embassy of France and it’s corporate partners will provide scholarships totaling 1.1 million Euros to 235 Indian students in 2013.

Campus France suggests applicants taking on the following disciplines will be advantaged in consideration of scholarship:

Architecture: All fields of architecture studies

Biotechnology: Health, plant, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical sciences

Smart grid engineering: Electricity network, digital technology, net metering, energy independence, emergency resilience

Civil Nuclear: Nuclear technology, nuclear physics, nuclear safety, radiation protection

European Studies: All fields

Mathematics: All fields of fundamental and applied mathematics

Nanotechnology: Nanosciences applied to any field or domain.

Water Sciences: Agriculture, climate change, conservation, technology & engineering, purification, supply of drinkable water, treatment & health.

See here for more on scholarship application and incentives.


Indian graduates from French universities will be eligible to be a part of the “France-India Job Opportunities” network, which will partner them with ongoing networking within French companies and those working in partnership with them, in India. The embassy states that there are over 350 French companies present in India, with an investment stock of over $18 billion USD.

If you want to stay in France to find work after graduation, it is now easier to extend your student visa on to a work visa; and if you’re a graduate of a French business or engineering school, even better.

Additional benefit of completing an education in France

All Indian citizens who have studied in France and graduated from a French higher institution will now be given a longer validity visa for any subsequent trip to France (tourist or business) – up to 5 years if the studies were at the Masters or PhD levels in France.

For more information on applying for a French student visa if you are an Indian, see here.

For scheduling your visa appointment, see here.



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