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The top mistake undergraduate applicants make and more

The University of Hong Kong's Professor John Spinks had some interesting insights to share with BrainGain Magazine. And if you're an international student, this is information you need to have.
BY Skendha Singh |   24-07-2018

University of Hong Kong

Earlier in 2018, Professor John A. Spinks from The Hong Kong University spoke to BrainGain Magazine about international students and the university. He was vocal about how international students are an important part of the university community. And also spoke about why HKU is a great study destination.

He said, “Well I know we’re increasing numbers of Indian students. We have a really nice Indian community within Hong Kong. And we have several hundred students within The University of Hong Kong from India. So, there’s already a community there. I represent the university so I’m obviously very biased. But, I genuinely believe it’s a fantastic place – the quality of teaching and learning is excellent. And job opportunities are unrivaled throughout the world!”

Professor Spinks also talked about the number mistake made by undergraduate applicants. To find out what it is – watch the video.



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