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The Top 10 Australian Universities for Medicine

BrainGain magazine brings you a list of ten schools in Australia, where you can experience the best of medical education.
BY Tina Varghese |   08-10-2015
Photo Credit: Australian Medical Association

Studying medicine is an exciting and life changing career path. Australia offers a number of schools that are dedicated to delivering top notch medical education. Typically, admission to medical schools in Australia is based on the GPA, GAMSAT, and essays, or a personal interview.

There are two types of medical programs in Australia:

Undergraduate Entry: You can apply to an undergraduate medical program directly from Secondary/High School. The programs are of five or six years’ duration.

Graduate Entry: If you have already completed a bachelor's degree, then you are eligible for graduate-entry medicine programs. The programs are of four years duration, two of which are devoted to clinical training.

Domestic applicants can apply through GEMSAS (Graduate Entry Medical School Admissions System), with a GAMSAT score that is still current. International applicants need to apply directly to universities. For admission, they must take either the GAMSAT (General Australian Medical Standard Aptitude Test) or the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

Here are ten great schools which can help you build the medical career of your dreams!

  1. The Australian National University Medical School (ANUMS)

    ANUMS is a graduate medical school, and admissions are based on GPA and GAMSAT scores. It offers an MChD - a four year graduate entry degree, where students explore the foundations of medicine and healthcare in the Australian environment.
  2. University of Sydney

    The Sydney Medical School offers a 7 year MD double degree, where students can opt for combined disciplines such as science, commerce, music, economics with medical science. The graduate MD program provides extensive clinical training, with exposure to clinical environments, along with research skills training.
  3. University of Melbourne

    Ranked in the 20 best universities for medicine, the University of Melbourne was the first medical school in Australia. Renowned for its leadership in health research and practice, the University of Melbourne medical school offers a reputed four year graduate entry MD program with a focus on anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.
  4. Monash University

    The MU Medical School offers a four year MBBS Honors degree with an interdisciplinary program within  biomedical sciences. It emphasizes clinical interaction, with early exposure to clinical environments (metro, rural and overseas) and case studies.
  5. Flinders University

    The Flinders Medical School pioneered a 4 year MD graduate entry degree breaking away from the traditional 5-6 year degree. They are driven by innovation, and build on capturing new ideas in the field of medical research. Students are trained in clinical skills using patients and well equipped simulation labs.
  6. Deakin University

    Deakin, one of Australia's top rated universities, is a leading educator with world class facilities committed to practical learning. It offers a four year MBBS degree, combined with clinical experiences, and rural health training.
  7. Tasmania University

    The medical school offers a 5 year degree.  The students have the option to complete their last two years at a clinical school. The school also offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in biomedical sciences, medical research, i  Etc.
  8. University of Queensland

    One of the most reputed schools in Australia, University of Queensland has one of the best medical education and research programs. Aside from an MBBS and a Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree, it also offers a number of post-graduate programs. The school also has tie ups with leading teaching hospitals and research institutes.
  9. University of Adelaide

    One of the oldest schools in Australia, University of Adelaide offers a a variety of graduate degrees including Bachelor of Health Sciences which focuses on a broad study of human health and a six year MBBS course.
  10. James Cook University Medical School

    JCU is acknowledged as Australia's leading tropical research school, with campuses in Australia and Singapore. The school of Medicine and Dentistry is the only school in north Australia that offers a full medical course. It offers an undergraduate MBBS degree and a post graduate Certificate of Research Methods with an emphasis on tropical medicine.



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Do I need to take Gemsas.Gamsat and mcat for study medicine when I had bachelor degree of nursing ???or don't need to take a test ??
10 May 2017

Editor, BrainGain Magazine
Hi Asemeh, medical schools in Australia and the US usually require these exams. If you hope to avoid taking them, write to the colleges you have shortlisted to confirm whether you are exempt, given your degree (be specific about the name of your degree and university, and the course duration). You can find more information on the official exam sites (GEMSAS, MCAT). If a college does not require one of these exams for graduate study, check whether it is an accredited institution.
11 May 2017

Dilini Weerasekere
What are the subjects i must select i order to get medical degree from Sydney University
09 January 2017

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