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What to do with a degree in Design & Digital Arts

Looking for an opportunity to develop your skills for creative industry work? Check out what Design and Digital Arts is all about!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   15-04-2013
An example of Design & Digital Art; by Rishabh Kumar
What is Design & Digital Arts?

Design is a creative endeavour – a way of shaping intangible ideas innovatively to come up with an end-product for a certain tangible use. Design is all around us – some ways in which you may see it are in the creation of everyday products for daily use, how houses are built, and the way websites are presented.

Design and Digital Arts is a specialized means of shaping these ideas via the medium of digital technology. Universities offer courses ranging from, but not limited to: Graphic Design to Mobile App Development, Gaming, Motion Graphics, Storyboard and Cartoon Creation.  The best programmes for Design and Digital Arts can be found at specialized artistic institutions around the world.

What can one do with a degree in Design & Digital Arts?

Design and Digital Arts is a relatively new career option – it has found increasing popularity with the advent in the technology used to create works. There are many ways of utilising a degree in this subject today – from roles in advertising and media companies to working for the graphics requirements of most firms today or independently creating artistically challenging works for online and physical display.

Some popular Design & Digital Artists:

Archann Nair  (India) -  has collaborated with brands such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer.
Sam Gilby (UK) – commissions include Virgin Media, Virgin Movies, Playstation, MGM.
Evgeny Kisev (Russia) – has done work for Snickers, SanDisk, and Unicef, among others.
Jerico Santander (Spain) – has done work for MTV.
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