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Steps for Applying to INSEAD for your MBA

The third round of INSEAD applications is coming up on the 25th July, 2014. This means that if you’re applying to the institution for a January 2015 MBA programme start, then you better make sure you’ve got all your steps completed!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   10-07-2014
  1. The GMAT
    INSEAD's Fontainebleau campus, France; Photo courtesy:

  2. First up, make sure you’ve taken the GMAT test. Although INSEAD says it does not have a minimum score requirement, the average applicant has a total score of 703 on the test. The class of 2012 had a score range of 600 to 790.

  3. The Application

  4. Next up is making sure you’ve put your application together – log into the application site, and register – creating an account with INSEAD. The application requires uploading of a photo, and then filling out of the basic profile information, which will ask for resume-type details.

     You will need two professional letters of recommendation – so make sure you request these in plenty of time to give your recommenders a chance to write something up. They however cannot send their recommendation letters in until you have submitted your fully completed application, so make sure you leave enough time between your application submission and the final deadline so these letters can make it to the docket in time.  

    The application requires four essays, a fifth is optional. These need to be written into the text boxes in the online application.

    Remember to attach any supporting documents that the application requests.

  5. The Interview

  6. An admissions Officer will send you an email receipt of application within two weeks after submitting the document.

    After this, they will inform you whether you have been chosen to interview with INSEAD. Two separate interviews are required – and these generally take place in your home country, conducted in person by alumni.

  7. Admitted?

  8. You’ll be notified if you have gained admission to INSEAD at some point following your interviews. The entire process takes about 12 weeks from the time of application submission.
Singapore's Central District by night; INSEAD has a campus in the city



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