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Stanford Offers a Course on How to Build iPhone Apps

As mobile phone apps have exploded in popularity, so has a Stanford course that teaches students how to create Apples iPhone apps. The 10-week course taught at Stanford is also available as a free download on iTunes U

NEW YORK - Want to learn how to create an iPhone app? A lot of developers have learned the secrets of Apple’s hit mobile devices from a much in demand computer science course on iPhone apps offered for the first time at Stanford during Fall 2008.


The Stanford course is so wildly popular now that video podcasts of the 10-week course are available as a free download on iTunes U, a dedicated area within the iTunes Store. Stanford’s iPhone Application Development course is taught by Apple engineers. However, grades, college credits and access to the classroom and the teaching staff are limited to Stanford students only.

Sessions normally appear on iTunes U just two to three days after each class. The course was downloaded 4.4 million times on iTunes U in 2009. The curriculum has been updated to take advantage of new opportunities and abilities in iPhone OS 3.1, the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch, released last summer.

Stanford told the New York Times that it could not secure rights to publicly discuss Apple’s new iPad, which was part of the spring syllabus. According to the US newspaper, the course delves into the minutiae of programming in a computer language called Objective-C, so it’s not for novices. “Topics include creating apps that use the device’s built-in accelerometer and camera, and managing its limited memory and performance. Lectures are interspersed with slides that cover the major concepts, and these bullet points can be downloaded as separate pdf files,” reported the NYT.

It added that as the 10-week course progresses, students are asked to create increasingly complex programs, beginning with an introductory app designed for new students to Stanford, then a Paparazzi app that draws in photos from image-sharing sites like Flickr. Over the last four weeks, students team up to work on their own projects.

If you are interested in computer programming and engineering this may be an exciting course for you. If you are curious about the work coming out of this course, check out for a list of apps that continued development past its end and are either on the App Store today or will be soon. Course graduates have created everything from Air Guitar, which turns the screen into an imaginary musical instrument as a song plays, to Site Saver, useful for saving Web sites to the phone. Both are $1.99 at Apple’s App store.



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At present day modern area the utilization of iphone is at the highest demand.The courses like this would benifit all those who are intrested in modern equipment with modern facilities
17 September 2011

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what is the qualification need for doing this course? and how much fee is there for this course?
29 August 2011

plz e-mail me the i-phone application development course for free.
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