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India Rankings 2017 - IISc is Best Indian University Overall

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has just released the second edition of India Rankings. It lists top 10 colleges under six categories. Read more below.

A simple guide to the higher education system in Germany

What’s the difference between a ‘university’ and a ‘university of applied science’? Can international students get scholarships? Do you need to know German? Do you need to take the GRE?

What to do with a Degree in Engineering

Lots of people seem to become engineers - but it is actually a great path to developing your technical and analytical skills, if you're good at mathematics and don't know what you want to do with your future career yet.

"The interest in autonomous driving is exploding," Toronto professor on the university′s latest online offering

Are you an engineering student? Here’s a course that can help you turn science fiction into fact!

Transfer to Hofstra University - a move in the right direction

Hofstra considers transfer candidates on a rolling basis, and encourages prospective students to apply early, especially if they are interested in campus housing and scholarships. It offers comprehensive academic advisement before course registration and throughout the Hofstra experience

31 Indian students in New Zealand win excellence awards

These students are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate study in fields releated to business, design or science and technology, engineering, and mathematics

So you want to be an Engineer?

Engineering is generally considered a safe career path but in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology, it is crucial to find a leading engineering school which has a proven record of reinventing itself. South Asia has never faced a challenge in persuading students good at math, science and analytical thinking to choose engineering over other careers.

7 postgraduate scholarships for studying engineering in Canada

Dreaming of studying engineering in Canada? Don't let the lack of finances deter you! Here are 7 generous scholarships that can make your dreams come true.

Google is World′s Best Employer for Engineering Students

Google is known for its famous perks, free gourmet meals as well as its appealing workplace culture and good pay.

Get Smart on Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft′s AI Business School

The free, online course is a master class series that aims to empower business executives to lead with confidence in the age of AI.

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