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Introducing Our Web series - Trust Lucky Get Lucky

BrainGain magazine announces the launch of the web series 'Trust Lucky Get Lucky'. Read more below.
Enjoy - Trust Lucky Get Lucky Episode #1

Starting on 6th of July, BrainGain magazine has launch it’s one of a kind web series – ‘Trust Lucky Get Lucky’. The series will showcase the comical misadventures of self-styled ‘student exporter’ - Lucky Lakhanpal.  

The series will serve as a public service announcement for students and parents who are exploring options for international education. These students are often duped by agents and counsellors who have more greed than information. Such agents came under the spotlight recently with the news about Western Kentucky University as well as the Northwestern Polytechnic University. The universities paid recruiters and agents to attract students but did not invest in either faculty or infrastructure. As a result, the degrees they awarded proved less than authentic under official scrutiny. The worst sufferers ended up being the students who were sent back to their home countries. Many recruiters and agents were also arrested because they were an instrumental part of the scam.

To such a tribe belongs our paan-chewing, oily haired Lucky Lakhanpal. He claims to have students’ best interests at heart but we cannot be so sure. Through this series we will explore exactly how Lucky, standing in for his kind, lures students and their families. And have a good laugh as we watch his exploits. The series features New York based actor and producer – Nitin Madan, and is produced by BrainGain magazine in collaboration with Gutenberg Studios.

So stay tuned for more of Lucky! You can watch the trailer here.



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