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Episode 2 of Trust Lucky Get Lucky

May 26, 2024 |
Rocky meets Lucky Lakhanpal for a shady deal which can "guarantee" him admission in an American university. But should Rocky #Trust Lucky?

7 reasons to study in New Zealand

The number of Indians who chose to study in New Zealand is up by 53% from last year. High Commissioner to India Joanna Kempkers and Education NZ Regional Director John Laxon discuss why

Introducing Our Web series - Trust Lucky Get Lucky

BrainGain magazine announces the launch of the web series 'Trust Lucky Get Lucky'. Read more below.

Career counseling is no substitute for doing your own research

Learning about universities in other countries takes time and can be confusing, but you absolutely must do it, and not rely blindly on consultants

Shady recruitment agents put students' future at risk

Two news reports this week show how students pay a heavy price for scams by unscrupulous recruitment agents hired by US universities

Lack of trust and risk to reputation: Why US universities avoid using recruitment agents

US universities and colleges are more cautious in using student recruitment agencies than their counterparts in other countries, according to a recent survey

New Zealand deports 150 Indian students for fraud

The students say they were unaware that their agents faked their financial information, and opinion is divided as to whether the agents, colleges, or students should be held responsible

Episode 1 of Trust Lucky Get Lucky

May 26, 2024 |
Trust Lucky Get Lucky is a web series produced by Kreuzberg Studios, in collaboration with BrainGain magazine, and created and written by New York based Actor/ Producer, Nitin Madan, the series aims to build public awareness around the pitfalls of working with shady education consultants/agents.

100 students lose money in million-dollar scam by study abroad agent

Aspiring international students have lost thousands of dollars to Tu Futuro en Australia, a Brisbane-based agency

'Blacklisted' U.S. College Nightmare: Air India offloads 19 Indian Students

Air India stopped 19 students from Hyderabad from boarding a flight to San Francisco as they ran the risk of being deported when they arrived on the West Coast to enroll in two 'blacklisted' U.S schools.

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