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Interested in archaeology? Here are 4 postgraduate archaeology courses that will prepare you for a lifetime of adventures

Hone your skills to excavate and understand the history of our time through these postgraduate programs in archaeology
BY Cherryy Chauhan |   13-06-2019

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Pop culture might depict the profession of archaeology through a standard whip and hat donning Indiana Jones, but there’s more to the field than swashbuckling and treasure hunting. Archaeology focuses on a plethora of subjects, including human history, the origins of animal or plant life, and heritage studies. The discipline provides you with the tools and knowledge to solve the many mysteries of mankind and trace the origins of our environments.

A postgraduate degree in archaeology will advance your research skills, ability to interpret spatial data and will help align your theoretical knowledge with ethical fieldwork. Depending on the specialisation, postgraduates in archaeology can find work in heritage agencies, museums, research institutes, and local governments across all sectors of employment. Interested? Here are 5 top postgraduate programs in archaeology from all over the world:

University College London- Located in the heart of central London, UCL offers its students access to rich culture and academic resources, thanks to its links with many museums, galleries and libraries. It is also consistently ranked as one of the top colleges for archaeology. Its Archaeology MA  is an intensive theory and interpretive trends based program. The full-time program equips students with a self-designed foundation for their future in the field. This year-long degree costs £21,790 (US$27,586) for international students. Luckily, there are plenty of financial aid options to choose from. The most popular include  the Chevenings cholarships, the  Commonwealth scholarships and the GREAT- UCL India scholarship programme.

Leiden University - One of Netherland’s oldest universities, Leiden University offers over 200 English-taught Masters programs in 7 faculties. Its archeology department is recognised for its world-class archaeology research and dynamic community. Their M.Sc. in Archaeological Science encompasses the specifics of archaeology with hands-on field experience as well as laboratory work. This full-time program is also a year long and costs €17,500 (US$19,569) for international students. Financial aid options include the Leiden University Excellence Scholarships, Danish Government Scholarships and more.

Sapienza University: Italy’s Sapienza University is one of the world’s oldest and highly-ranked universities in the world. Situated in the heart of Rome, with 3000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture, Sapienza is a haven for history enthusiasts. The university offers a Master of Arts degree in Classical Archaeology, which combines both traditional and innovative resources to train students in archaeology and the enhancement of cultural heritage. The program is a year long and costs €2,456 (US$2,746) for international students. Financial aid options include the Sapienza University Student Scholarships, Italian Government Scholarships and more.

University of Sydney: Australia’s largest and most research-comprehensive university, University of Sydney is situated within close proximity to the economic and cultural hub of the city. Their Master of Museum and Heritage Studies program offers a framework for managing collections and sites, and develop a practical understanding of archaeological sites and conservation management plans. The full-time program is a year and a half long and costs A$37,500 (US$25,792) for international students. Financial aid options include Carlyle Greenwell Research Fund.

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