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Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Columbia University

November 26, 2020 |
Is social media hurting your university applications and job prospects? Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University and long-time tech evangelist (he has been named one of Poynter's 35 most influential people in social media, and one of GQ India's 30 digital Indians, among other accolades) tells why building your own brand on social media is so important.

Cost of US Education Weighs Heavily on International Students

Annual tuition and board for elite New York University totals $69,984 for the 2018-2019 academic year, without even accounting for books, travel and personal expenses.

10 Great Grad Programmes in Public Health

Public Health is a critical service today. Want to be a part of it? Here are ten great courses which offer excellent education and training.

To Oxford and Columbia with an "All or Nothing Approach"

Leading university admissions counsellor, Kavita Singh, has several aces up her sleeve including not the least, her being alumni of both Oxford and Columbia. Determined to graduate only from Oxford and then equally determined to study business only from Columbia’s Business School, Singh says her having known clearly what she wanted to “mine” from these two institutions was instrumental in her getting through.

Foreign students in US at record high, China, India fuel boom

Twenty-seven percent of STEM students studying engineering in the U.S. are from India.

Business schools ranked according to Return On Investment

Is the salary you earn after you learn a valid measure for ranking schools? This new ranking lists schools according to their MBA graduates' salary to debt ratio. Read more below.

Crashing Computational Photography with Columbia′s Shree Nayar

As a kid did you ever spend hours trying to pick apart technological objects lying around the house? Did you ever imagine it might be possible to build your own working camera? Well then meet Columbia University's Shree Nayar - at the forefront of the BigShot Camera project - and a master of computational photography.

US colleges cancel study abroad programs as coronavirus fears spread

Some schools including Stanford University, Syracuse University, and New York University said they were closing their campuses in Florence.

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