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"I absolutely love it here": Life at University of Queensland

Keziah Coelho is studying for a degree at the University of Queensland in Australia. She shared her lively experiences with BrainGain magazine.
BY Keziah Coelho |   02-11-2015

Hey there!

I’m Keziah Coelho, an international student at the University of Queensland, studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I chose Australia because the UK and America looked too big on the map (honest!). I did no research, other than looking at the best universities worldwide for my subject.

As it wonderfully turns out, I absolutely love it here!

My future plans are: to find a job here in Organisational Psychology , and to work for non-profit organisations all around the world, because I also love travelling.  I might take that up as a main priority in the future, or do it in addition to Org. Psych. as a volunteer.

Here are a few snapshots from my life in Australia!

Selfie on the Brisbane Story Bridge.

Here she treated me to a bridge climb on my birthday. The view was pretty spectacular.

Going to university and staying at the college on campus has helped me make great friends.  Most of my definitive experiences abroad come from living on campus.

Enjoying a piece of strawberry pie at the Sunday market in West End, Brisbane.

Local produce and businesses are highly treasured in these communities. Most Australians like to encourage anything local, such as music, food, art, fashion etc.


My first time fishing in a river at the Sunshine Coast

Growing up in an apartment in the city made it harder to own pets, and do things like fishing at a jetty which felt like my own (although it wasn't). This is my first time at a fishing coast. Learning the art of fishing is much harder than the photograph above makes it out to be! You have to consciously pierce live worms through hooks. And throw them to their deaths in the river.

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