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Doing it for myself: My MBA Journey at the University of Queensland

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to study at a world class university, especially one with sandstone buildings, and set in Australia’s tropical Queensland? I had dreamt of it, but I decided to turn it into a reality for myself, says UQ MBA Graduate student Mohit Rao.
BY Mohit Rao |   10-01-2014
Mohit Rao
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to study at a world class university, especially one with sandstone buildings, and set in Australia’s tropical Queensland? I had dreamt of it, but I decided to turn it into a reality for myself.

My first degree is from one of the Australian Group of Eight universities, and I was determined to remain in that league for any postgraduate studies I was going to undertake. I attended the University of Queensland (UQ) MBA information session in November, 2012, and was duly impressed. The session was interesting and the talk was stimulating. The emphasis was on UQ MBA being in the top 1% in the world.

Getting into the MBA Program 

I decided that this was a perfect fit for me. I was interested in broadening my skills beyond Information Technology, and here was an opportunity right in front of me.. I applied and was accepted. The fact that I was in full-time employment was not derided; in fact, it was regarded as a bonus. It was never considered as a possibility for negligence towards high level study. This was highly suitable for me as I enjoy working on different ideas and projects simultaneously, and enjoy the fast pace that this multiple, changing environment provides. I am also one of those people who work well under pressure. I think this was the reason my application for a scholarship was also successful.

The orientation week was mandatory, but extremely valuable, and must be attended by everyone. The team building exercises during orientation built morale and the group formed a defined social structure, one that would work well together. This is integral, later on, for group projects.

There were four outstanding components and highlights to the programme:

  1. Subjects

  2. The full-time programme consisted of two subjects run over 6 week periods, with twelve subjects in total. However, the first and last subjects are run individually. This allows for a gradual increase in the intensity of the course. The semester 1 census date is after the first subject is completed and this allows people to withdraw with a full refund if they wish to do so.

  3. Disciplines

  4. The programme covers a range of disciplines from soft skills of management, marketing, leadership, strategy and innovation, to the hard skills of finance, accounting and economics.

  5. Network events

  6. Throughout the course there were regular networking events which involved the business industry and MBA alumni. These were organised by the business school which also provided business cards for exchange at the events. This was great for those looking for job prospects and networking practice.

  7. Trip to India

  8. The midyear trip to India really brought the cohort together, and strengthened the bonds to create lifelong friendships and connections. The trip taught everyone not only about international business but about interpersonal relationships and how to positively develop these.

    Watch the Adventures of Lucky the Bear on the UQ MBA Student trip to India:
India video UQ 2013

What did I get out of completing an MBA?

So, the huge question is what were my personal gains from undertaking the UQ MBA?

It taught me about myself. I had thought that as my background is in Information Technology I would enjoy the technical subjects more; however, my favourite ones were innovation and strategy. They taught me how to think rather than trying to prescribe set formulas.

At the end there was a huge awards dinner event and a graduation ceremony, to celebrate the success of the busy year. We are the business school alumni now, and we will be involved in discussions with new MBA starters. We shall have access to the employment services like all the alumni of UQ.

I highly recommend the UQ MBA. Anyone applying should also look at the relevant criteria for the scholarship and apply for this as well.

UQ St Lucia campus by the Brisbane River, surrounded by nature reserves, with its lush lawns and extensive sporting grounds is highly conducive to serious study and fun.


Mohit Rao is a UQ MBA graduate and a data management professional, currently working for InfoReady, a data management consultancy in Melbourne. He previously spent five years working in credit risk data management with BP Oil. 



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