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How to choose your college based on your zodiac sign?

Which is the best college for your zodiac sign?
BY Anandamayee Singh |   27-08-2019

Zodiac Sign

It’s 2019, which means that the universe has produced almost every conceivable form of an astrology article. You’re probably guilty of reading one or two to to help you decide what your birthday breakfast should be, or when you will meet your soulmate. But have you allowed your birth date and time to determine which college you should go to? Forget test scores and university profiles, let the configurations of the stars and planets determine where you will spend a few of the most formative  years of your life.

Aries are generally described as an energetic and determined bunch. They are ambitious, independent, and enjoy challenging themselves. The perfect school for an Aries is one with a high ranking, at least a few hours away from home.

Columbia University in the U.S. is a great choice for the always-on-the go Aries. With renowned faculty, and over 500 different highly competitive student clubs, it offers the perfect mix of recreational and academic rigour. .

Another great option for Aries students is Imperial College London. This widelycelebrated public research university was established by royal charter-- a fact that in itself will be enough for the prestige loving Aries. It is also one of the finest institutions for scientific and technological innovation around the world, with notable alum including Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

For an Aries looking for the extra physical challenge of extreme weather conditions, McGill University in Montrealis the perfect choice. McGill is also a public research university established by a royal charter. Its alumni include three Canadian PMs, including the current favourite Justin Trudeau, 14 Canadian Supreme Court justices, and several international dignitaries.

Taurus is deeply rooted in practicality, and loyalty, with an eye for beauty. When it comes to choosing a university, a Taurean will do well to go for a solid college community, perhaps bolstered by a big sports team.

Loughborough University in the U.K.. is a good choice for a Taurus. Not only is the university in a small town composed mostly of students, but their sports teams are largely recognised as exceptional. In 2019, it was also named University of the Year by the Times and the Sunday Times.

Another possible option for the Taurus student is the University of Queensland (UQ)in Australia. With great sports teams and a strong, well-ranked research community, UQ is a great place for practical Taurus.

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, Ohio State University is another good choice for community driven Taurus. This public university has over a 1,000 student organisations and sports teams that compete in Division I athletics, making it the perfect place to show off your pep.

Often seen as having multiple selves Geminis are curious and adaptable, with a great love for good conversation. As a sign relentlessly fascinated with the world, Geminis thrive in big and diverse cities. A university in creative and trendy cities is perfect for them.

University of California, Los Angeles is a great choice for the sociable and expressive Gemini. As the number 1 public university in the US, with several Nobel Laureates as faculty, UCLA provides the intellectual stimulus that a Gemini needs. It also offers several opportunities to explore the often disparate culture of Los Angeles, perfect for the many, many moods of a Gemini.

Another great option is Sciences Po in Paris. Because which sane social butterfly would give up the chance to spend time in the city of love and adventure? As a premier institution for political studies, the university is also a brilliant choice for the Gemini who loves to delve into and debate the many facets of social and political sciences.

For the Gemini interested in a bustling city shaping today’s cultural trends, Hong Kong University (HKU)is an excellent choice. Ranked highly in various subject areas including humanities, linguistics, education and biomedicine, HKU offers a wealth of options to the ever-changing Gemini. It is also regarded as one of the most international universities in the world, which is important for a sign so attracted to a variety of ideas. 

Tenacious Cancers are guided by their usually correct intuitions and emotions. They are loyal, deeply imaginative, and sympathetic. Community and comfort are of utmost importance, making intimate, small schools perfect for them.

University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland is a great option for Cancers. Nestled in the picturesque lakeside town of Neuchâtel, the university provides the intimacy of a small town with the comforts of Swiss engineering and organisation. A Cancerians dream.

Another viable option is Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. The private, liberal arts institution is known for its facilities and  low student to faculty ratio. With one of the smallest student bodies (around 2,000 students) Sarah Lawrence has a close-knit community of students with plenty of opportunities to interact with professors.

For the budget conscious Cancer who craves security.  the Free University of Berlin is an excellent choice. Apart from a few programs, the Free University of Berlin asks no tuition fees from its students, and offers many vocational programs that help network and find jobs post graduation.

Creative and passionate Leos are both natural born leaders and lovers of luxury. For them, excellent facilities and living arrangements are priorities. So, schools that focus a little more on the facilities are on the top of their list.

University of Arizona, Tucson in the US is a good option for Leos. Its campus is sprawled across 380 acres peppered with red brick buildings and beautiful expanses of greenery. The campus is equipped with an arboretum, several bookstores and world class athletics and arts facilities. There are also several different dorms that cater to the various communities and passions of the university’s students.

Another possibility for the Leo focused on prestige is Yale University. The university’s historic residential halls are integral to student life. Each hall  organizes competitive events and teas to help students bond and is equipped with gyms, dining halls, music practice rooms and additional facilities like theaters. Just the queenly treatment a Leo deserves.

Boston University is also worth consideration for the Leos focused primarily on comfortable living arrangements. One of their dorms is a 26 story glass apartment building, which has been described as “the most opulent residence hall to ever grace the local college landscape." by the Boston Globe. It features walk in closets, music rehearsal spaces and swanky flat screen tvs in the student lounges.

Virgos are known to be loyal and focused workers. For them, the analytical and practical aspects of university life are most important. So, institutions that place academics above everything are perfect for them

With the prestige of an Ivy League, Princeton University is an excellent option for Virgos. Princeton offers a variety of programs in humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences, all taught by over 65 nobel laureates and professors with various other accolades. Its alumni include the glorious Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Another choice for the studious Virgo isthe University of Cambridge. As the second oldest English speaking university in the world, Cambridge has over 100 academic departments and houses the world’s second largest university press. With over a 100 libraries holding 15 million books, Cambridge is a dream come true for Virgos dedicated to academic work.

Sorbonne University is also worth considering. The main campus of Sorbonne houses 2,500,000 books, with 400,000 ancient texts and 2,500 historical manuscripts. The university has a long tradition of academic excellence, sure to be inspiring for any Virgo.

Libras are known to be cooperative and diplomatic. They usually hate being alone, and enjoy a packed social calendar. Schools with many clubs and activities are perfect for this social butterfly. 

Syracuse University (SU) is a great option for somebody who thrives in large groups of people. With Division 1 athletes and hundreds of student clubs to choose from, SU is perfect for the Libran who never tires of potlucks and parties.

Another good option is Newcastle University. This institute is ranked 4th in the U.K. in social life, touting one of the best Fresher’s weeks and numerous clubs and societies. The campus is also based in the city center, which means that exploring Newcastle and meeting a variety of people will be easy.

For the sunny Libran who is a fan of the Cawabunga lifestyle, the University of California Santa Barbara is a viable choice. The campus’ sunny beaches are perfect for water sports in the morning and parties at night.

Scorpios are passionate, strong-headed and ambitious. Like Aries, Scorpios want to feel and do the very best. So, schools with extremely competitive programs are perfect for this sign driven to succeed when pressure is high. 

With an acceptance rate of 4.4%, Stanford University is, without a doubt, one of the most competitive schools in the world. It is also the birthplace of the computer mouse and numerous companies which generate revenue equivalent to the tenth largest economy in the world. Definitely worth considering for the Scorpio who thrives in high pressure environments.

Another great option for Scorpios is the London School of Economics and Political Science. 26% of all economics Nobel Prizes have been awarded to LSE alum or affiliates, making it a great place for the competitive Scorpio.

Another American college notorious for the cutthroat attitude Scorpios generally love, is the University of Chicago. From their weird, often hilarious but rigidly graded supplemental essays, to the somewhat low acceptance rate of 7.3%, University of Chicago makes it known that you have to be a unique thinker and a hard worker to get into their school. Certainly an achievement that would make a Scorpio feel the hours slogging away were worth it.

Funny, warm and open-minded, a Sagittarius is constantly searching for what and why most things in the world are the way they are. This deeply idealistic sign needs plenty of room and flexibility to explore the world, preferably with options to travel. The perfect university for a Sagittarius is one that is creative in its programs and offers good study abroad options.

For the free-spirited Sagittarius, Davidson College in the US is a perfect option. As a private Liberal Arts college with a relatively small population, Davidson provides its students the opportunity to interact intimately with their professors and design their own majors. 80% of Davidson students end up studying abroad, which is a very encouraging statistic for a Sag. who loves nothing more than to travel.

For the Sagittarius who wants a little more structure in their life, the University of Brighton in the UK is a good choice. While it may not offer much flexibility in terms of the course, most students get the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or a year, as well as field trips to various parts of the U.K.

A Sagittarius particularly interested in the world of international organisations and politics should consider the University of Geneva (UNIGE)in Switzerland. While their undergraduate programs are mostly in French, they have plenty of new and interesting Masters degrees in English that focus on a variety of multilateral issues. Based in one of the world’s most international cities, UNIGE is also affiliated with numerous universities and organisations around the world, and offer a variety of student exchange programs.

Responsible and disciplined, a Capricorn is rooted in tradition. This sign is most comfortable in structure and thrives in analytical, number-centric work. Universities geared more towards technical and scientific courses are perfect for this focused sign.

Albert Einstein’s Alma Mater, ETH Zurich in Switzerlandis a good option for the analytical Capricorn who enjoys smaller classes. With solid ties to the international research community, ETH Zurich is one of the leading contributors in science and technology. Its principles of individual and scientific freedom will serve the focused and responsible Capricorn well.

For a Capricorn who enjoys premier institutions, perhaps the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)in the US is a more appropriate choice. MIT is globally recognized as the premier institution for technical degrees with innovation at its core. It’s the perfect place to push the traditional Capricorn out of their comfort zone while still studying the things they love.

Another good option is Tshingua University in Beijing. Ranked in the top 10 technical universities of the world, Tshingua boasts excellent computer science and engineering programs. The institution’s motto of ‘self-discipline and excellence’ is almost custom made for a Capricorn.

Aquarians are independent minded and often progressive. As deep thinkers, they delve into the various facets of any topic and enjoy stimulating conversations. They are usually reserved, making intimate schools, with plenty of opportunities for seminar style learning perfect for them

One of the few non-profit institutions remaining, The Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (Lang) at the New School  in New York is a great option for the progressive Aquarius. Lang is known for its seminar style classes,  which is just what the reserved Aquarian needs.

For the Aquarian who appreciates history, Oxford University is an intellectual fiesta. As the oldest surviving Englsh university in the world with the largest institutional library, Oxford offers a wealth of knowledge that would make anyone a little dizzy. Their tutorial system also means that students can participate in intimate discussions with their peers and faculty - an Aquarian’s dream.

Another option for Aquarians is the University of Dundee. The institution invests in excellent research facilities, and encourages its students to form a solid community. Set in the East coast of Scotland, Dundee celebrates both history and modern innovation. Its classes are small and the town is quaint, making it a comfortable place for intellectual exploration for an Aquarian.

Pisces is the sign most closely associated with creativity and a deep emotional understanding. As a water sign, Pisces are considered extremely compassionate and intuitive. They thrive in environments where they are allowed to explore their various artistic talents, so art and design schools are great for them.

As Europe’s largest higher education institute dedicated to fashion, performing and visual arts and design, the University of Arts in London is a great first choice for creative Pisces. Its alum include Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, and the university touts seven professional public galleries used to show off its students’ work.

For the Pisces interested in a more rounded approach to individual artistic expression, Parsons School of Design is a great option. One of the schools housed under the New School in New York, Parsons is known to push the boundaries of convention and constantly reinvent itself and the artistic world around. 

A Pisces eyeing a creative postgraduate degree should consider applying to the Royal College of Art in London. This public university is entirely made up of postgraduate design courses and has been ranked 1st for five consecutive years in QS world rankings for Art and Design.

Thank your stars for the choices you have, and get applying!

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