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Here is why New Zealand is a great study destination

With brilliant educational facilities and an excellent quality of life, New Zealand is a great place for any international student. We share the top 8 reasons that make New Zealand the perfect study destination.
BY Mayank Dixit |   23-04-2018

In today's time, students across the globe have a number of options when it comes to studying abroad. Even though many countries offer students remarkable opportunities for holistic development, few compare to the facilities in New Zealand.

The nation is fast emerging as a global academic hotspot and to support this claim, we list below 8 reasons why New Zealand is such a great option if you want to study abroad.

  1. Top ranked universities
    According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 7 New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide. These are: University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University and University of Waikato.

    A degree from one of these institutions can give your career just the boost it needs.
  2. High academic standards
    The top universities of New Zealand have a special reputation for providing excellent theoretical and practical knowledge in various courses. In particular, New Zealand is known for its degrees in business, accounting, agriculture, tourism and design.

    For example, University of Auckland is counted among the top 200 universities of the world for its business and management as well as accounting courses, while the University of Canterbury is ranked among the top 400 universities worldwide for its agriculture and farming courses. (Source)
  3. Student-friendly visa procedures
    If you are enrolled in a course lasting for more than 3-months, you need a student visa. New Zealand routinely upgrades its visa application process to make it more student friendly. More than 90% of the student visa applications are processed within 20-30 days.

    The government also welcomes foreign students to stay back after completing their graduation. For students with no job offers, New Zealand government provides a working visa (open) for a period of 12 months during which students can work temporary jobs in the country.

    As soon as they gain employment in a qualified field, they need to apply for a Graduate Work Experience visa (granted for a period of 2 years).  (Source)
  4. A great place to set up a business
    Time and again, the World Bank has rated New Zealand as one of the easiest places to start a business in the world. The quality of life is one of the best in terms of economy, health, safety, education, governance etc. All these factors play a great role in encouraging more students to apply to universities in New Zealand.
  5. Warm and welcoming
    New Zealanders have a reputation for being helpful and welcoming towards immigrants. Most of the time, the locals extend a helping hand to the foreign students to make it easy for them to adjust to the cultural shock.
  6. Safe to live and work
    The Global Peace Index 2017 ranked New Zealand 2nd out of 163 countries for state of peace. This peaceful nation offers a high sense of security to foreign students especially female students.
  7. Beautiful surroundings
    New Zealand is a clean and green country. Its scenic beauty and exceptional natural environment offer a great sense of delight to foreign students. Places such as Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, andBay of islands are some of the popular tourist destinations. Fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will know what we’re talking about.
  8. You can afford it
    The average tuition fees in New Zealand for various courses ranges between US$ 15,000 to US$ 19,000. This is cheaper and more affordable as compared to the tuition costs in USA (starting around US$25,000), Australia (US$ 16,000 to US$ 29,000) and the UK (starting around US$ 18,000).

    So it’s great quality at a great price.

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