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Battle witches and demons in the University of Auckland's free, online-interactive UniQuest game, to discover what you really need to know about the study habits you need to develop before you can say you are ready for university!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   17-01-2014

Heading off to far-away destinations for university can be a bit of a quest – not only do you have to get settled into a new environment without the familiarity of home right there behind you, but you also have to make new friends and, most importantly, hone in on your study habits in order to get the best out of the educational experience.

If you’re not quite sure of what to expect, the University of Auckland in New Zealand has put up an entirely student-created interactive video [game], called UniQuest – which highlights some of those key study points. We think it’s a fabulous video, and really worth the 10-15 minutes spent ‘playing’ it, through picking chalices and battling witches along the way.

Here’s the video:
University of Auckland presents: UniQuest - an interactive video

The University of Auckland has also provided some wonderful study tips for any student preparing for exams. Take a cue, get great grades, and head off onto a new adventure!  
  • Complete and submit all coursework – especially when it counts towards your final grade
  • Make a study schedule – manage your time effectively, prioritise, make a daily to-do list
  • Study subjects that you like least first – they probably need the most work and you’ll get them out of the way
  • Ask for help – If you’re struggling with a subject, ask your teacher or parents for help or form a study group with your school mates
  • Condense your notes – condense, reduce, concentrate, boil down, use them as a prompt
  • Put notes in an easily identifiable form – use colours, shapes and symbols
  • Study in small blocks – take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes
  • Nourishment – Eat “brain food”, drink water, and sleep. You can’t study effectively if you’re hungry or tired.
  • Before the exam – it’s best to briefly revise 2-3 hours prior to your exam
  • In the exam room – read the instructions, plan out your order, map out each essay
More on the University of Auckland here.


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