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Equine Studies Offer Exciting Prospects in an Elite Industry

BrainGain magazine brings you 6 colleges from across the world which offer the best in Equine Studies.
BY Tina Varghese |   03-11-2015

Australia’s Melbourne cup, “the race that stops a nation”, has just concluded. And for the first time, it was won by a woman – jockey Michelle Payne! If you follow the news keenly, you might wonder what exactly a gelding is, (that’s the winner, Prince of Penzance); what thoroughbreds are; how jockeys are trained. If the adrenaline rush gets to you, you might want experience the thrill first hand rather than as a bystander (nevermind, all the fascinating racewear).

One of the best ways to do this is by reading for a degree in Equine Studies. These courses  focus on horseback riding, equine care, including horse anatomy, feeding, healthcare and breeding. Students read theory and gain hands on experience with extensive field based study.

After learning about the basics of equine care, students go on to pursue more tailored disciplines such as Equine Medicine or Equine Journalism.

Potential careers
Equestrian sports, being a favorite pastime of the elite around the world, with an industry net-worth of more than a $100 billion dollars, certainly makes equine science a rewarding career prospect.

Typically, someone with a degree in equine studies can venture into varied career options, such as research and development (pharmaceuticals, nutritional products), stud management, equestrian sports administration and promotion, coaching, horse training and management.

Below are a few courses and schools that offer these courses:

Sparsholt College, Hampshire (UK)
Sparsholt College offers a variety of courses in their British Horse Society certified Equine Centre, such as BSc in Equestrian Performance Management, MSc in Equine Behavior, Performance and Degree. The college houses a fully functioning farm, a highly equipped equine centre with more than 75 stables, along with indoor and outdoor arenas.

Charles Sturt University  (Australia)
Offers a Bachelor of Equine Science, which is designed to help students understand equine management through theoretical and practical teaching .

Furthermore, students get golden employment opportunities through their Equine Trainee Scheme. This program introduces students to a number of different learning areas includingEquine Locomotion, Equine Industry, Horse Breeding Technologies, Horse Behaviour and Training Management,and Animal Reproduction.

Royal Agriculture University (UK)
One of the oldest agriculture universities in the world, RAU offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees In Equine Management.  Their BSc (Hons) Equine Management, and BSc (Hons) International Equine and Agricultural Business Management courses help students develop essential skills needed to understand and work in the equine industry. Their course structure covers multiple disciplines including Equine Anatomy, Equine Finance, Equine law etc.

Otterbein University (US)
The Department of Science at Otterbein places a key focus on practical training along with individual attention for its students. They offer a number of different equine science programs, including equine pre-veterinary medicine, equine business management, equine veterinary technology, along with minors in equine studies. Surrounded by lush pasture, the prestigious Austin E.Knowlten Center for Equine Science, houses a number of classrooms, a large indoor riding arena and stalls for more than 50 horses.

University of Connecticut (US)
The College of Agriculture, Health, And Natural Resources at the U of C offers a 4 year BSc in Animal Science degree, which includes minor specialisation in Equine studies, such as Equine Business Management, Therapeutic Horsemanship Education, and Equine Dentistry.

Olds College (Canada)
Old’s College offers a unique Equine Studies course at one of the most renowned Canadian Equine centers - Canadian Equine Center of Innovation. The program at Old’s College promises to deliver expertise in the equine industry delivered with the help of modern facilities and backed with industrial expertise. Some of the majors offered at Olds are: Production & Breeding Management, Business & Event Management, Equestrian Coaching, Western Horsemanship, and English Horsemanship.



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