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Getting a Job after University

Ensuring that students get a job after higher studies means institutions of higher education will have to be increasingly flexible and demand-driven in order to survive and grow, say Canadian and American representatives from college and university associations.

Elite cyborg universities will corner education in post pandemic world, says marketing pundit Scott Galloway

Big tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft likely to enter education and health care in a big way, not because they want to but because they have to

Are the Arts losing to the Sciences?

May 21, 2022 |
BrainGain Magazine spoke with Dr. Zafeena Suresh, Education USA Adviser (USIEF), about the anti-Arts bias in the Indian education system. She discussed how the preference for Science is now deeply ingrained in the Indian mindset. And how this translates into the attraction of STEM fields even when students head abroad for further studies. She also shares how there is scope for change, and the attractions of a Liberal Arts degree.

Brain Gain is Reversible

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan's exit has inspired heated debates on the topic of brain gain and its reversibility. Dr. Pushkar examines the issue below.

Q&A with Professor John Spinks (The University of Hong Kong)

May 21, 2022 |
Professor John Spinks from The University of Hong Kong visited India earlier in 2018. He spoke to BrainGain Magazine about the university, international students and the top mistake applicants make. Watch this video for more.

Breakfast Roundtable: Failure as a step forward in the learning process

May 21, 2022 |
International education experts, including principals of some of the top schools in India, discussed the importance of failure in the learning process. The discussion was the subject of the Breakfast Roundtable, part of BrainGain Magazine’s Student Session held in February 2018. Watch the video to find out more.

Straight Talk: Put Merit First (Not Home Grown Degrees or Ethnicities)

A look at the malaise of ‘academic inbreeding’ born of the cliquish culture of Indian universities, and the need to put merit first.

Applications Invited for Glion Institute's Summer Academy

Applications are invited for Glion Institute's Summer Academy in London this year.

How will Donald Trump's Presidency Affect International Students?

May 21, 2022 |
International students are worried about what Donald Trump’s presidency will mean for them. Will racism infect the national atmosphere? Will campuses remain safe? Will the national and university administration turn hostile? And most of all, will the US remain a welcoming and rewarding destination for higher education? Harjiv Singh, Founder & CEO of Salwan Media Ventures responds to questions from students on the potential affect of Donald Trump’s presidency on international students.

IESE Barcelona tops the Financial Times list of top 50 executive programs for the fifth year in a row

The Financial Times 2019 list of executive programs points to some interesting trends in diversity and program design

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