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All you need to know about the GMAT

June 14, 2021 |
The GMAT is a necessary hurdle for most of us who aspire to an MBA or a graduate degree in management from an international university. Here's a chance to understand the test – format, scores, and its role in admissions, through this fun and simple BrainGain Magazine video.

Academic Integrity with Dr Tracey Bretag (Part 1/4)

June 14, 2021 |
Dr Tracey Bretag is the Founding Editor of the International Journal for Educational Integrity, a member of the Advisory Board of the International Center for Academic Integrity, the Director of Global Experience at the University of South Australia, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia Business School. She caught up with in New Delhi to talk a little bit about what students can expect to face regarding academic integrity on papers and exams - when they head off to study at an international institution of higher education.

Talking Education with Former Miranda House Principal Kiran Datar

Kiran Datar talks about her love for history, making education a career and traveling to America as a Fulbright scholar.

How to Write Great Resumes and Ace the Interview

June 14, 2021 |
Does your application need a resume or a CV? How to succeed in a university interview? How to ace the admission process? Watch the topic for valuable insights on these and related topics.

How and why you should think like an entrepreneur

June 14, 2021 |
Whether to start-up or not start-up your own company. India as one of the largest start-up landscapes in the world. But a majority of them fail. So how can we learn to succeed as entrepreneurs? Watch this video to find out.

Smart, Simple & Effective Education: The Edutel Way

June 14, 2021 |
The importance of a questioning attitude. Using technology to improve a teacher’s content delivery. Personal inspiration. And advice for would-be entrepreneurs. The co-founder of Edutel, Harsha K. Mahabala, speaks to BrainGain about things that matter.

This is How Students Can Save Money in the UK

The UK is one of the world’s most expensive places to study and live in. But there are ways and means to get by. Dan Petley tells you how.

Dr. Jeffrey Legro on UVA's global approach to education

June 14, 2021 |
Dr. Jeffrey W. Legro is Taylor Professor of Politics and Vice Provost for Global Affairs at the University of Virginia. In an exclusive interview with BrainGain Magazine on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, he discussed how the University of Virginia fosters diversity and broadens the horizons of its students. He said UVA students have the opportunity to study in other parts of the world though a range of Study Abroad programs. They also get to learn about the world in Charlottesville itself, because of the diversity of student, staff and faculty, the large number of student associations, and language and area studies programs at the university.

Q&A with Linda Liu: What is the ideal admissions process?

June 14, 2021 |
College Board's Vice-President International Linda Liu talks about the newly formed India Global Alliance, its mission, and the ideal admissions process. Watch the video for more.

Challenge Yourself, Study in Sweden

With a population of 9 million, Sweden has recently been ranked second in the world as a provider of higher education after the U.S. So what is so attractive for a student to head to the Nordic land for further studies?

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