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"Each Day was a New Adventure": Exchange Student to Japan

Aanya Thapar went to Japan for 25 days on an exchange programme. Here she shares her experience with BrainGain magazine.
BY Aanya Thapar |   26-11-2015

When I look back at my time in Japan, I wonder how only 25 days of my life could've taught me so much!

Going to school in Japan was a wonderful experience. Even though I could not understand the language, my school friends and teachers made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Seeing how schools teach in different countries was fascinating! I took part in a lot of club activities, such as those of the Calligraphy Club, the Green Tea Club, Mandarin Club, English Communication Club, and others. Another thing that fascinated me was how everybody cleaned the school everyday, both students and teachers.

The tourist attractions in Japan were also amazing. I loved the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Temple, and Miyajima Island, which I visited with my host family. When i was travelling from Tokyo to Hiroshima, I got to see Mount Fuji from the aeroplane, standing strong and tall in between the clouds. It was one of the most beautiful sights.                                                      

My host family was very kind. They always treated as one of their own. I had a great time cooking dinner with my host mother , playing with my host siblings, making origami with my host grandmother, and helping them with the daily chores. They went out of their way in making my exchange so memorable. 

I tried and enjoyed various authentic Japanese dishes such as curry udon, okonomiyaki, Japanese style curry rice, sushi, and many more. My personal favourite, of all these, was a Japanese omelette known as tamagoyaki.

Other highlights for me were getting a chance to wear the traditional Kimono, and experiencing my first snowfall.

The student exchange has made a great difference in my life. It has also had a huge impact on me as person. For one, the exchange has made me a whole lot more confident. It has inspired me to try new things, whether it is new food, new clothes, or just new activities. I also participate a lot more.  

Today I have a confidence that I can travel anywhere in the world all by myself. After coming to Japan, I learnt that the bond of love overcomes the barrier of language. My host grandmother could not understand or speak in English, but she was the one who loved me the most.   This realisation I can never forget.

Each day that I spent in Japan was a new adventure. Saying good bye to the people whom I had learnt to love was a very emotional experience.

I wish that each student could get this opportunity to experience what it is like to live in a new country. Living and studying abroad helps us understand that while human beings have language barriers, geographical barriers, physical differentiations, at the end, we are all "HUMANS"


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