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Eight Great Reasons to Look East: Studying in Japan

Why Japan is emerging as a great study destination for international students!

If you’re dreaming of studying abroad, flying away and expanding your horizons, then you might have already started to narrow down on the usual suspects: USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.

Before you decide, we give you eight great reasons to look east and add Japan to your application shortlist.

  1. Government Policies and Support: This is the number one reason that Japan is gaining ground as a higher education destination. In 2008, the government announced a plan to enrol 300,000 foreign students in Japan by 2020. They are halfway there! This also means there are infrastructures such as civil societies, support staff and flexible academic schedules which are in place only to make your life easier!

  2. Research and Innovation: Japan is a country of innovators who are pioneering research in optical media, semi-conductors, industrial robotics and fermentation processes. Think Nissan, Toyota, Panasonic, Canon and Sony! They also lead the rankings in patent filing. Japan also has the maximum number of Nobel Prize wins in Asia. You can gain access to cutting edge research in your field.

  3. University Rankings: Underlying the innovation is an excellent education system. The OECD ranked Japanese high school students first for maths, and second for scientific literacy.

    At University level, the Japanese equivalent of the Ivy League is the National Seven. In 2013-14, as per the QS World University Rankings, the Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto were in the top fifty. Another four (Osaka, Nagoya, Tohoku and the Tokyo Institute of Technology) made it to the top hundred.

    These Universities were also well placed in the Times Higher Education Supplement’s Asia University Rankings. (2013)

  4. Range of Choice: Japan has over 700 Universities of which 10 are ranked in the top 200 worldwide. Apart from these, there are also specialised schools and colleges which provide more vocational kinds of degrees. As an applicant, you have the luxury of being spoilt for choice!

  5. Financial Aid: Living and studying in Japan is cheaper than studying in the US or UK. Also, the government has introduced additional financial support in the form of university scholarships and waivers. Grants are available through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).This canconsiderablyreduce the financial burden of an international degree.

  6. Employability: The financial investment mandated by a degree abroad naturally inspires concern about the returns. Being the third largest economy in the world, Japan’s University courses are employment oriented. Internship is a credit subject on many courses. Recent surveys have revealed that Japanese employers are eager to hire foreign workers graduating from Japanese institutions.

    With high quality education, an inimitable work ethic and international exposure – you can be a star candidate for employment.

  7. Culture: The Japanese are well known for being kind, considerate and cordial people. Japan is also one of the safest places to visit. Experiencing Japanese culture can give you insight to the values, beliefs and ethics of many East Asian nations and perspective on your own. Plus, who doesn’t love anime, karaoke, hybrid cards and instant noodles?

  8. Satisfaction Ratings: According to a recent study, 65.5 percent graduates recommended studying in Japan, while a whopping 84.4 percent had a favourable impression of their stay. (Courtesy: JASSO -

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