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Creative Resumes and CVs: Your Secret Weapon

Writing a resume? Make use of Adobe's tools to make it look super professional!
BY Braingain Staff Writer |   29-05-2014
Abhishek Mukherjee, Adobe Systems
How do you convince a university that you are a worthy candidate? One of the best places to start is in your application letter and C.V. or resume; which form part of the documents that are required by colleges, to give admissions officer a sense of who you are.

Here are some tips from’s session at The Imperial Hotel in New Delhi this February, with Adobe India Product Specialist Abhishek Mukherjee.

  • In your application cover letter, list out your talents and the skills most important to the course you are applying to.

  • Be specific about what you want from the college in question, and what you can bring to it in turn

  • Focus on what makes you as a candidate different from anyone else. Have you completed a project that got you extra credit? Throw it in  

  • Completed an internship with an organization no one else has worked for? Write about it. Make sure to highlight how unique you are.

The Minor Details:
  • Make your C.V. mobile-friendly so you can pull it out anywhere and present it to people when needed.

  • Don’t forget to list you education to date. Too many people forget this!

  • Check for spelling errors! 

Creative Resumes and CVs - Your Secret Weapon: Student Session



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