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Cheap Travel Alternatives for students in Australia

Cheaper domestic travel options in one of the most exciting countries in the world Australia.
BY Tina Varghese |   26-11-2015

What’s the point of travelling thousands of miles if you don’t go about exploring your study destination? Student life abroad is not just about classes and jobs, but going on the ‘adventure (that’s) out there!’ That’s all good, you might think, but you barely have money to go sightseeing, after fees, food and clothes.

Don’t worry. The Australian Government has got your back. There are plenty of cheaper travel options available in Australia, and we’ve got a few listed below so you can truly dream, discover and explore.

  1. ACT MyWay Card
    Canberra offers transport concessions for international students by way of an application for an 'ACTION Student Concession Card.' Students with a photo ID and international student ID Card are eligible to apply for a MyWay Card. These cards can be easily recharged through a number of ways including Direct Debit, Online, Telephone or in person.
  2. Opal Cards
    Opal cards are concessions cards offered to full time international students enrolled in select universities. These concessions are applicable on public transport across NSW. Furthermore Opal cards offer tempting advantages to students such as 50% fares of the adult Opal card, free trips, and $2.50 cap on Sunday trips.
  3. MyMulti passes
    Institutions offer students in NSW with MyMulti passes, which allow students to save more than 30% on bus, ferry, train and light rail. International students can purchase MyMulti 2 and MyMulti 3 yearly or quarterly passes, which would allow for unlimited travel on various modes of transport within the city.
  4. Tertiary Transport Concession Card
    All University students in Queensland are required to carry a tertiary transport concession card, and their student IDs, in order to travel with a Concession Go Card or a Concession Travel Ticket. Students can get up to 50% off on approved public transport. These TTC cards can be renewed on a yearly basis.
  5. iUse Pass
    For international students (enrolled in undergraduate or VET courses), in Melbourne, the transport department offers an 'iUse' pass. This allows you to purchase a  single discounted 'Myki' ticket on Melbourne's comprehensive public transport system. This ticket is valid for zones in which the student's respective institution is located.
  6. TransPerth Smartrider
    International full time students in Western Australia are eligible for public transport concessions, and can obtain the same through their 'Smartrider' cards offered by 'Transperth,' who provide public transport in the Perth Metro Area. A single card allows students to use the buses, ferries and trains in the area, making travel really convenient.


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