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8 Great Scholarships for International Students in Australia

BrainGain magazine brings you information on generous scholarships from the G8 in Australia.
BY Tina Varghese |   14-10-2015

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Thinking about a degree in Australia? Funding is bound to be one of your major concerns. According to an HSBC report published earlier this year, the total cost of international study in Australia is equivalent to USD 42,000 per year. This includes both university fees and living costs.

Before you get an anxiety attack over not being able to fund tuition, let me remind you that the premier Australian universities offer a number of scholarships for high achieving students, which can help offset your financial burden. While most scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding students, there are often several eligibility criteria. Begin with BrainGain magazine and do your research!

Here are 8 scholarships from the G8 universities in Australia.

  1. Monash International Scholarship for Excellence
    Monash offers a $10000 scholarship for high achieving international students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree. click here
  2. Sydney Achievers International Scholarships
    University of Sydney offers these prestigious scholarships to international students who are academically outstanding and have been accepted for undergraduate program at the university. Students receive up to $10000 per annum. This does not include living allowance. click here
  3. University of Western Australia
    UOWA offers an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) for students who undertake a Masters degree or Doctrate by Research at the university. This scholarship provides a tuition fee for 4 years and a health cover for international students. click here
  4. University of Melbourne
    Undergraduate Scholarships
    are offered on academic merit. There are three types of scholarships which cover the normal duration of the courses, except for honours courses.

    The University offers 100% fee remissions, 50% waiver of the tuition fees or 10,000 AUSD is waived off the fees for the first year of the undergraduate degree. click here
  5. University of New South Wales
    UNSW offers specific as well as general scholarships for International students. For example, Golden Jubilee Scholarships and Alumni Association Scholarships for undergrads. The university also offers COFA International Coursework Scholarship and Juris Doctor (JD) Scholarship for graduate international students. click here
  6. Australian National University
    ANU offers
    multiple scholarships to international students at the undergraduate level. There are also several criteria, which can make students eligible for the scholarships – academic merit, gender, disability, etc.

    The International Business and Economics scholarship is awarded to two students annually. These generous scholarships cover 100% of the tuition fees. Again, these scholarships do not cover the extra honours year. click here
  7. University of Queensland
    U of Q offers scholarships through Australia Awards and Endeavor Awards and Fellowships. These scholarships can cover the entire tuition fee, contribute to living expenses and cover the post graduate research study. click here
  8. University of Adelaide
    U of A has a quite a few scholarships for international students, including country specific scholarships like ‘Accommodation Scholarship for International Students’ and ‘Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Outstanding Indian Students.’ The Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarships offer 40 scholarships every year for students from most disciplines. These offer a waiver of over 20% from the annual tuition fee for a maximum of four years. click here



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For the international scholarships, most of South Sudanese who have interest to pursue their studies are stranded on their way, What can a poor student do to get all these kinds of scholarship? i am asking this because the gap between poor and rich is widen here in South Sudan. I am 29 years old and very poor and have interest to study abroad. I completed my secondary School since 2003 and could not proceed with my studies due to all these obstacles preventing me from studying.
15 March 2017

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